In recent times, there has a significant rise in the number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Last year, over 700 crowdsales were conducted, raising an estimated $4.94 billion with a success rate exceeding 84%. Clearly, this indicates a paradigm shifts from conventional financing to tokenization as the preferred method of raising capital for entrepreneurial startups. If all goes well, an ICO return up to a ROI 50 times better than the initial investment.

Despite the evident benefits of ICO, there is an additional need to be verse with the strategies of conducting a successful crowdfunding event. Lime ICO Consulting is team of experts form different fields that concerns itself with offering ICO consultancy services to startup clients. The company was established in 2016 and employs 35 people.

Services Offered By Lime ICO Consulting


Lime ICO conducts a thorough market analysis, covering aspects such as competition research and product positioning. Using this data, the company develops economic strategies and an appropriate token structure


This entails the creation of the client’s brand and drafting of the project whitepaper as well as the landing page.


In addition to creating smart contact protocols, Lime ICO performs an audit on the smart contacts and establishes referral programs.

Legal service

This encompasses the writing of legal documents and the provision of layers. Furthermore, Lime assesses the laws governing the prospective location of the startup and ensures that the project operates by them.


Lime ICO goes an extra mile to ensure that the ICO is publicized as much as possible. Usually, this involves development of a website, listing on ICO trackers, social media campaigns, utilizing targeted marketing strategies, and so on.

Investor Relations

To further enhance the scope of the ICO, Lime consultancy will send pitches to venture capitalists and create a project roadmap.

Essentials Of launching an ICO

Lime ICO consultancy uses the following blueprint when crafting ICO strategies for their clients.

  • Business analysis and advisors search
  • Whitepaper drafting and presentation
  • Development of a landing page and smart contracts
  • Public relations and marketing campaign
  • Investor relations

Fundamental Elements for Success


Perhaps the most essential feature of an ICO, the importance of the team cannot be downplayed. A good team should consist of experts from various fields related to the project.


Tokens are equally vital to any ICO project, since their sale raises money required to fund the startups. Therefore, it is imperative that targeted investors have knowledge of the token’s use as well as end-to-end circulation. A well designed token plays a crucial role in the realization of a project’s objectives.


Typically, a whitepaper is a document that gives an in-depth description of a project, including the problems, solutions and operational guideline. Hence, the document should create a good impression to investors, encouraging them to contribute to the project.

Advantages of Lime ICO Consultancy

  1. The full package includes legal consultancy services as well as roadshows
  2. The company does thorough market analysis and consolidates all data relevant to the client’s project.
  3. The firm offers a presale package though which clients can raise funds required to organize ICO events.
  4. ICOs are promoted through the vast investor network.

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