Linda Healthcare

What Is Linda Healthcare?

Linda Healthcare is a new blockchain based medical machine learning platform and marketplace that is based around cryptocurrencies. And it used primarily in their open healthcare market where you can buy insurance from the company. You can also head to the company website and download a whitepaper to learn more about the company and what they do. And much of the work on the company is done through their primary care telemedicine artificial intelligence-based chat robot, and a medical decision robot that is designed to make choices after going through the patient’s personal medical records, which are all stored properly on the companies blockchain technology.

How Does Linda Healthcare Virtual Medical Assistant Work?

The team as whole met at Stanford University and Harvard University when they were doing different types of research in various departments around the school. Some of them were working on AI and some of them were in the medicinal department of the schools. And yet, there were still others that were engaged entirely into computer sciences. While others were working with computational biology.

Even though they were all in different areas of the school, they all had one similar mission and that was to change the way healthcare operated. They wanted to revolutionize the industry and see it done in a way that the global market needed, and that was through the process of innovation. The main goal they have now is to see AI and the blockchain change the world’s health care.

They are using a new type of AI that is conversational and uses a form of processing focused around natural language for the purpose of primary care and the general health of patients with the help of medicine. They also are creating a new type of neural network that is deep and known as LSTMs. The advance AI and machine learning, natural language dialog program they’ve created for most purposes of care – including that of pre and post operational circumstances as well as regular care is said to be groundbreaking. There are a full range of technical papers on the website you can read into to learn more about the AI.

Linda Healthcare LNDA Token ICO Details

The crowdsale for the company is open right now, and you can contribute at the company site. LNDA is a ERC-20 token issued on Ethereum blockchain.

Who Is Behind Linda Healthcare?

The team is a multi-disciplinary team that is composed of experts in tech and the medical field as well as other engineers and managers from different fields. They are headed by the CEO and Stanford University Researcher Arturo Devesa.

Linda Healthcare Conclusion

The purpose of the platform is to improve the health care system with the use of AI and to protect people from fiat inflation and the unbelievable rise of health care all over the world. And any one who uses the system can also make extra money by getting paid for their personal data, while at the same time keeping it safe on the blockchain technology.

If you want to stay up to date with the news about the company and where it’s going then you can sign up for the company wide newsletter on the homepage.

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