There is a growing chain of celebrities starting to endorse Blockchain Technology. The numerous companies creating and utilizing the technologies is growing continually. The latest celebrity to endorse the new technology is Leo Messi, famous as a football player for the Barcelona team. He’s been dubbed one of the world’s greatest footballs players. He’s officially signed an endorsement deal to represent SIRIN LABS, a company that is known for the exceptional blockchain technology they create. They are one of the leading companies in the crypto community.

The company just released SOLARIN, one of the most secure super apps for mobile devices. They’re now preparing to release a powerful software for the PC, called FINNEY, which is said to be an all-in-one technology for blockchain users. It is said that it will make the integration of the technology a more user-friendly experience. The endorsement by Messi is designed to help the company reach a wider audience and even to hit those people who have never heard of Blockchain Technology. Messi even released an official statement on Facebook.

He stated that he usually is busy attempting to decentralize defenses and after he started delving deeper into Blockchain and decentralized system. He was excited to join SIRIN LABS as one of their celebrity ambassador to make Blockchain technology a friendlier experience with all of the upcoming technologies being released for smartphones.

IOTA Again

The Network of SIRIN LABS devices is now being linked through the use of IOTAs highly specialized technology, Tangle. It’s said to be a beyond the blockchain, completely free and fee-less network for fast and secure, private transactions. IOTA is now the big in the NEWS since they took on the acquisition of RIPPLE. Ripple is the forth largest of the crypto-currency technologies and has just a made a major move themselves with the lock up of 55 billion of their XPR in escrow.

The acquisition of Ripple secured their spot as one of the top companies in the crypto space. The jump from them happened because of a major signing deal was released recently in the NEWS between Microsoft, Fujitsu and others. Leo Messi is just the latest celebrity to get in on the crypt craze. And it’s a good move on his part, considering he’s already active in the cryptocurrency space. It’s just one more income stream for the world famous football player.

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