What Is Lionsbit?

Lionsbit is a new cryptocurrency trading platform that specializes in Bitcoin. BTC is the world’s most successful cryptocurrency to date, but, everything doesn’t quite ad up on Lionsbit. They claim to have highly successful portfolios on the website, to trade anywhere at any time. You would think the company would have a demonstration on how it works, although you can open a demo account at any time, there isn’t any information on metrics, analytics or how they trade.

It’s a shady deal when a company doesn’t give any information whatsoever on trading operations. Lionsbit looks to be another cheaply built website to lure in wood be investors looking to make a quick buck. I wouldn’t give these guys any money, especially considering there is no idea who they are.

As a rule of thumb, never ever for any reason send money to an anonymous source on the internet. The brokers at Lionsbit promise to always be available to help, but you don’t even know who they are.

How Lionsbit Cryptocurrency Trading Broker Platform Works

Lionsbit is a cryptocurrency investment platform promising high yield investments, but with no information backing their claims – it’s a hard promise to believe – instead, the website looks generic, like all other low-quality investment platforms.

One thing is they give plenty of warnings on the risk of investing in cryptocurrency, something that must be done to protect them while warning investors they may lose money. It’s good they warn people, but Lionsbit does seem to over emphasize the fact users of the platform could potentially lose money.

They do have phone numbers for several different areas, Spain, UK, and Germany – but that’s easy enough to do. Something about the company just doesn’t ad up. Until Lionsbit provides more information on who is running the show, it’s too risky of an investment.

Lionsbit Verdict

The company Lionsbit is a cryptocurrency trading platform, specializing in Bitcoin – with one problem, no one really knows who they are. There is no information on the team behind the website or who created the platform. All we know is they have a support email, German, British and Spanish phone line.

Other than that, there isn’t much about the business entity or company headquarters location. I have to recommend against investing with Lionsbit without first performing research, seeing some numbers and getting a better look at the team behind the show.

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