Lipcoin is a surfing based cryptocurrency that is designed to be a recreational based system for people who are interested in sports, surfing and other disciplines like community activities and building a business online.

What Is Lipcoin?

The coin is a community-based coin that is intended to hit a large group of people. They are looking to build a group of people that is bigger than a community based around getting just money. They want people that are looking to find people with a common interest as well as actually participating in building a community that actually communicates with each other.

Surfing is more of a way of life then something that is just a hobby. People that fall in love with it, develop a love for the sport that they carry for life. Life works in a way that causes moments that often seem small but build the moments that make our history. And then the past makes the reasons to build the future for each of us. Lipcoin was born to help people live life to the fullest and enjoy the best surfing they can, with a community and world that relates to them entirely.

How Lipcoin Surfing Cryptocurrency DLT Blockchain Coin Works

There is said to be a global mission that is for all users of the community and platform. One that works regardless of whether or not people in the community surf or not. Even if unknown areas pop up, the people who run surf promise they will lead the way and set the standards for the rest of the people of the community. The growth of the company will entirely depend on the community coming together as a singular community.

The company started with a personal goal and motive that would include the sponsor ship of different brands or other energies. Some people would call them the forefront leaders that have the inside scoop of knowing the way the environment works. Including the way that people communicate and use language to explain how they will communicate with each other.

At Surf, they claim when they talk – they are aiming to hit a wider group of serious people who are not just random people and they also have a common interest. The sport of surfing is said to be like no other and is generally categorized as a love more than just a sport. The moves themselves are said to be some of the most difficult and only the most dedicated make it work, and there are still millions of people around the world who practice the sport of everyday.

Lipcoin is the first cryptocurrency network that is designed for surfers. It’s a digitally encrypted network that is for people that love the waves and want to meet other people of the same nature. But it’s not just designed for the people that love to surf. It’s also designed for the people or businesses who supply the surfers and help create the solutions that make the sport happens altogether.

Lipcoin LIPC ICO Details

For the people who want to get involved with Lipcoin and love to surf, want to become a part of the community and are willing to learn – all you have to do is go to and sign up. There is mining available, buying, selling and exchanging for other altcoins. For the newest people who decide to join the project, it’s $0.45 USD for each Lipcoin.

Who Is Behind Lipcoin?

From what the company says, there are at least 11 people on the team who are working on the project. And they all seem to have specialized backgrounds in the tech world. They come from a wide group of people, each with different backgrounds in the tech industry. Some of them also have degrees in real estate and data. Others have backgrounds in data and as financial advisors. The most important part is that they come from a diverse background, each with a ton of experience.

Lipcoin Conclusion

Because of the fact that Lipcoin has transparency about who makes up their team, it’s likely that they are a real company at least. Its standard that the companies who are not willing to disclose their information or where they are from are more often than not frauds. But when it comes to Lipcoin, there is at least some level of honesty because they are willing to put there names out there and on the line. If it wasn’t for that, I would be wary of them. But as it goes now, they are a real company. That doesn’t mean they are a good investment, that will take time to find out. Before the company is up and running in full and you can see the entire blockchain, there is a definite risk. All the same, SURF is a company that could end up having a solid community revolved around it.

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