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Every month many new ICOs appear on the internet. There are so many of them that sometimes it’s hard for investors to know which ones can really be good investments. Many of the ICOs promise many advantages and profit, but it’s hard to be sure of which ones can really deliver.

Sometimes, those ICOs can even be fake, made only to get all the money they can and then vanish, leaving investors looking like fools. Today, we are going to talk about LIQ Platform’s ICO. Before we start the actual review, there’s one very important point you have to know about it: it’s fake. Their ICO is completely fake.

What is LIQ Platform?

LIQ Platform is an anti-fraud company. In a smart publicity stunt, they launched a fake ICO to show just how easy it is to fool investors. Their site seems pretty legit at first glance. There are sections devoted to explaining how it all works and contact information along with links to LinkedIn profiles.

All of it is fake, though. The whole site was made to look real, but have no real substance if you really look into the information provided. It’s definitely a good work.

How does LIQ Platform work?

Basically, LIQ Platform uses their technology to track fraudulent currency and help to stop fraud. The details on how the company works are not very reliable, though, as the whole site is fake. They promise many services, but there’s no way to be absolutely sure if that information is real at all, as the own site makes it clear that you cannot trust anything you read on it.

How to invest in LIQ Platform?

Basically, don’t. The whole point of the site is to say that you should not invest in ICOs at all. Obviously, that’s extreme, but there’s one important point to it: you should really be careful. It’s easy to be fooled online, so information is your only defense against scammers.

Never invest in ICOs of companies you never heard of if you haven’t read some trustworthy reviews about them first. Check the links. Check their information. Do not let the scammers get you, they will steal your cryptocurrency and make the whole environment a place less safe for investors.

If you want to donate to LIQ Platform and help them in their mission against fraud, you can find their ETH address on their site.

The Verdict On LIQ Platform

Should you invest in LIQ Platform’s ICO? Of course not, it doesn’t exist! LIQ Platform makes a good case against investing without information. There are many scammers out there, so you have to be careful and wise.

LIQ Platform may warn you that their site is fake, but maybe you won’t be so lucky in the next time, so really, do your research and invest with caution in ICOs.

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