What Is Liquid8?

Liquid8 is a decentralized, peer-to-peer multi-functional platform based on blockchain technology. It enables the global tokenization of real world assets to digital tokens in the blockchain ecosystem for exchange and lending among community members. The platform aims at changing the digital economy by bringing a connection between the real world assets and the growing digital economy.

How Liquid8 Decentralized Crypto Asset Trading Exchange Works

The platform mainly uses smart contracts in its operations to ensure that assets that all transactions in the platform are accurately accounted for with no need of intermediaries. The platform offers a complete on-chain and off-chain tokenization solution that is seamless and secure for all assets, thus making them very affordable and accessible by everyone.

The platform is a convenient and simple solution for the obtaining of financial services by the crypto community and for the storage of crypto assets and tokenized assets in a single platform.

The owner of the asset requests for the tokenization of a real world asset. The platform then implements an off-chain proof of asset protocol. Upon approving the tokenization of the asset, an electronic agreement is sent and delivered to the issuer of the token. An on-chain proof of asset protocol is then implemented only if the issuer of the token agrees to the terms and conditions stated out in the electronic agreement.

The platform then develops a Tokenization (SAT) Smart Contract. Participants of the platform can then buy the tokenized assets by transferring their own cryptocurrency to a Tokenization Smart Contract to be exchanged for the Smart Asset Token (SAT).

Liquid8 Features

The features on the platform include:


The platform contains a tokenization protocol that allows the digitalization of the ownership rights of real world assets to allow them be traded digitally. Traditional liquid assets obtain better liquidity and at the same time, startups can easily connect with potential funders with no geographical restrictions.


The platform provides a marketplace on which the tokenized and crypto assets are exchanged among the users of the platform in a peer-to-peer environment, which guarantees the effectiveness and flexibility of the cost of the assets. It offers the Peer-to-Peer social exchange and the peer-to-peer instant exchange.


The platform contains a marketplace for lending services that brings a direct match between borrowers and lenders. The P2P nature of the platform and reputation rating with basis on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning allows borrowers to get very advantageous rates and lenders to gain access to a huge range of loan opportunities to widen their own portfolios.

Multi Asset Wallet

Users of the platform can easily store their tokenized and crypto assets directly to the available multi Asset Wallet on the platform. The wallets adheres strictly to the cyber security standards thus private keys are encrypted and made available only to the owner of the wallet. Recovery functions are also available to allow the restoration of the wallets in new devices.

Liquid8 LQ8 Token & ICO Details

The LQ8 (Liquid8) token is the platform's utility token that is generated on the ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. The token’s uses include:

  • Payment for all services in the ecosystem: All types of transactions made on the platform are paid using the LQ8 tokens that users own.
  • Used as airdrop and affiliates program within the ecosystem. Holders of the tokens are given airdrop rewards, which are distributed quarterly on the platform. Users that refer new users to the platform and frequent users of the multifunctional platform also receive rewards in terms of the LQ8 token airdrop.
  • As proof of membership: The token holders are required to be involved in the platform's membership program to fully gain access and be able to be part of the services that the platform offers.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: LQ8
  • Accepted payment method: ETH, USD
  • Total token supply: 700,000,000
  • ICO: 350,000,000
  • Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 35,000,000 USD

Benefits of Liquid8 platform


The process of tokenizing the assets is very user friendly and highly accessible to both the users who are experienced and those that are new to the world of digital assets. Everyone in the entire world can easily participate in the ecosystem.


The platform is highly efficient for its users since it uses smart contract technology to get rid of intermediary costs as well as inefficient administration of the entire process.


The platform has taken various cyber security measures to ensure security is highly maintained. The measures include biometric identifications, the bug bounty program, and various multiple levels of authentications. Up to 95% of the crypto assets are safely kept in cold storage.


The architecture of the blockchain is tamper-evident and highly immutable. The information of the transactions is available publicly and in real time.


The workings of the platform adheres to the local and international Anti Money Laundering and Know your Customer regulations at all times.

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