Liquidity.Network Blockchain Payment Exchange Team is Expanding In Launch Preparation

Liquidity.Network Recruits New Team Members With The Upcoming Launch Of Its Payment App

Liquidity.Network has been working on expanding their team, as they await the launch of their scalable off-chain payment system and application. Known as a platform that focuses on making payments efficient and encouraging peer-to-peer micro-payments, Liquidity.Network’s new app claims to allow Ethereum users to make payments at significantly low transaction fees, if not any at all. Since the launch has been set for Q3 2018, the team is continuously preparing for its arrival.

According to the Co-founder of Liquidity.Network, Arthur Gervais, their preparations will reflect their goals. He further argues that a team that believes in the core values at hand will make for long-term success. In particular, he stated that the,

“Experience, energy, and determination of our newly enlarged team gives us the resources to endeavor to fulfill our vision of a scalable, off-chain solution.”

As for the new team, a number of engineers, and IT security and marketing professionals have onboarded the project. Some of which include:

  • Thibault Meunier, former employee at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
  • Imran Khan, former employee at Microsoft’s business development sector
  • Tony Tran, former employee at General Electric
  • Mohammed Kasstawi, former founding partner of zK Capital
  • Guillame Felleu, former designer at TLS-N Blockchain Oracle System
  • George Sedky, expert in design and cyber defense
  • Janine Videva, Liquidity.Network’s recent marketing professional

Liquidity.Network has earned a reputable name within the payments industry and its team plays a major role in it all. Based on the claims made, they have become one of the most influential payment systems of 2018. With the new team ready to tackle new challenges, Liquidity.Network will also be working towards supporting the likes of NEO and Dfinity, with Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum Classic [ETC] already in place.

Their growth has been respected and spoken highly of by the Co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. At Toronto’s EDCON talk, Buterin strongly expressed his support in Liquidity.Network’s goals and stated that their attempts will be essential for the Ethereum network.

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