Lisk Blockchain Platform Releases Lisk Elements v1.0.0 JavaScript Library

Lisk Elements v1.0.0 Released

The latest version of Lisk Elements, v1.1.0 has been released. Lisk is a blockchain project that runs on nodes in the network. The version features a general-purpose JavaScript library and it also replaces LiskJS. The program is primarily intended for JavaScript developers and the platform uses its own application for its products, such as Lisk Hub and Lisk Commander.

Lisk originally required a mechanism to perform certain actions, like submitting transaction on the client side. Although the system in place worked well, the missing component was natural client-side architecture. Lisk Elements allowed the platform to redesign the architecture of its library and now, the system divides functionality into distinct areas that depend upon one another. The divisions are as follows: constants relating to the Lisk protocol or the Mainnet and Testnet networks, cryptographic functions required by the Lisk protocol or otherwise recommended by LiskHQ, Mnemonic passphrase management aligning with BIP39 wordlists, transaction creators for each transaction type of the Lisk protocol, and an API client for communication with nodes on the Lisk network.

In addition, it will feature a new protocol for signing messages using Lisk passphrase, it exposes more utility functions than ever, and it also will rename exposed functions and variables.

The platform is also planning to release Lisk Core v1.0.0, which is posed to change the Lisk ecosystem. As a result, all of the platform’s products need to align for the release to go smoothly. The platform also plans on publishing every component of Lisk Elements as a package that can be installed separately. The platform is also working to improve validation and to reduce the frequency of error messages.

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