Lisk Releases Migration Guide in Anticipation of the Upcoming LSK Testnet Launch

Recently, the Lisk development team declared that its much-awaited Testnet would take place on June 28, 2018. The Testnet release is a significant milestone in the realization of the List Core 1.0 project, which is still in its developmental stages. In this regard, the Lisk team has also publicized the corresponding documentation as well as a detailed migration guide.

The news about the impending Testnet was released via the official Lisk Twitter profile. The tweet was accompanied with embed links to a corresponding blog post as well as the aforementioned migration guide and relevant documentation.

As expected, the documentation provides a detailed explanation of all the technicalities found in the newest blockchain iteration. Some of the subjects featured in the documentation include:

  • Lisk Protocol – this section outlines the crucial features of the Lisk Core 1.0 blockchain, including its consensus algorithm, peer-to-peer networking, transactions over the network, and the deployment of cryptographic hashing techniques to enforce security measures.
  • List Core – this is the software on which the Lisk Protocol is executed. Prior to the inauguration of the new blockchain, all updates will be launched on this platform, which also runs the Testnet. The subsequent Mainnet (the Lisk ecosystem) will be an enhanced version of the Core, and will facilitate transactions amongst registered members.
  • Lisk Elements – this is a JavaScript library that consists of modules that are installable independently. Additionally, it has subclasses that comprise other features such as Cryptography, Passphrase, Constants, Transactions, and an API Client.
  • Lisk Commander – this is a tool that developers leverage to increase their efficiency in the inbuilt integrated development environment.
  • Lisk Hub – users access the Lisk network through this feature. Besides, it assists members in managing their Lisk profile, as well as transactions involving LSK tokens.
  • Lisk Explorer – this feature is useful in the understanding and presentation of information contained on the Lisk blockchain. Fundamentally, the explorer has data concerning processes completed on the distributed ledger.

Most of the responses to the tweet by Lisk seemed to congratulate the company on their achievement. Others issued advice, asking Lisk to add project seeding to its service portfolio and put more effort to make sure that the price of the LSK token rises again.

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