ListICO is an online list of ongoing and upcoming ICOs. Find out everything you need to know about the platform – and their own ICO – today in our review.

What Is ListICO?

ListICO is an ICO listing platform. The platform lists ongoing and upcoming ICOs and crowdsales – similar to websites like

Through ListICO, ICO project owners can list their ICO for free. However, ICO projects can also pay (using LIP tokens) to buy premium advertising space on the platform. Meanwhile, users can visit the website to learn more information about ICOs or check which ICOs are worth an investment.

However, the platform is careful to warn users that it does not give any investment advice. It simply provides unbiased information about ICOs, then allows investors to make an informed choice about where they want to put their money.

The LIP token ICO is ongoing throughout September and October. The company plans to use proceeds from the token sale to invest heavily in marketing. They already have an active marketing campaign underway, and they’re hoping to become the world’s number one ICO listing website.

ListICO Features

The ListICO platform will launch one week after the conclusion of the ICO. It’s expected to be a full-featured platform at launch. The ListICO whitepaper and website don’t provide many upfront details about features. However, here are the basic functions of the website, as outlined in the whitepaper:

For Investors:

Investors can access a platform where they can browse new and ongoing ICOs and crowdsale projects, then use that information to make an educated opinion about ICO investment opportunities. No registration is needed to access the ListICO website as an investor.

For ICO And Crowdsale Owners:

The platform provides a platform where users can list their ICO and crowdsale for free. ICO owners can promote their crowdsale further by paying for premium advertising.

The ListICO Token Sale

The LIP token pre-sale is scheduled for September 20 to September 27. The general token sale will begin after the pre-ICO and will last for four weeks. The ListICO platform will launch, with full features, one week later.

The main purpose of the LIP token is to pay for premium advertising slots for your ICO campaign. The company expects the value of the token to increase as more and more users list ICOs on the platform.

Who’s Behind ListICO?

ListICO is led by CEO, Co-Founder, and Developer Norbert Halasz, Co-Founder and UI/UX Designer Krisztina Knyihar, and Co-Founder and Developer David Halasz.

The development team is based in Leeds, UK.

ListICO Conclusion

ListICO aims to be the world’s number one ICO listing website. The platform is free to use. Investors can browse the information for free, and ICO owners can post their ICO for free. The platform intends to make money through advertisements. Users can purchase premium advertising slots for their ICO exclusively using LIP tokens.

The LIP token sale is ongoing throughout September, October, and November. You can learn more about the platform and token sale online today at

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