A news that has been spreading for some time now has finally come true: Wirex has introduced Litecoin (LTC) to their wallet. A Wirex account is believed to support a wide range of currencies including that of cryptocurrencies, debit cards, associated Paypal accounts and others that are globally accepted.

For the longest time, Wirex only allowed consumers to purchase, hold and transfer Bitcoins when considering its cryptocurrency profile. Today’s news will have definitely surprised many, as LTC is one of the strongest alternative coins to exist. Within a five-year time span, it has exponentially grown from as little as 3.50USD to 330USD. With many wallets and exchanges in place, it might become a confusion as to how one can differentiate them. Let’s take a closer look at Wirex and its competitive advantage.

Introducing LTC will provide one with an alternative coin to buy and store, as it is much faster and requires one to pay lesser in fees compared to the giant, Bitcoin (BTC). This allows for increased flexibility in what one prefers to hold. According to the claims made, a free Wirex Visa card can be used to spend LTC. When it comes spending, one has the option of converting into either GBP, USD or EUR, prior to using its respective Visa.

Another feature that makes holding a Wirex account attractive is one’s ability to buy as much as 7,500 pounds of BTC and LTC from one’s currency account. This is one of the highest limits in place. One might wonder what the fees might look like in order to transfer money from a debit card to the Wirex currency account. Fortunately, there are no loading fees, which is rare, as most exchanges require at least a 5 per cent charge!

Overall, existing and future Wirex account holders have a great opportunity to buy, hold and sell as they please. This includes both fiat money and cryptocurrencies. While Wirex’s cryptocurrency profile is very simple, as it only holds BTC and LTC, the fact that they have focused on potentially successful coins as a strategy seems promising. In most cases, transferring or withdrawals profits becomes problematic, but according to Wirex, it can be effortless done due to its fast transfer rates. To get started on building a successful cryptocurrency profile, creating a Wirex account can be easily done via the Wirex App!

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