#PayWithLitecoin, A Campaign to Potentially Boost Litecoin (LTC) Trading Volume #LitecoinAcceptedHere

Litecoin (LTC) is an alt coin created by former Google employee and Coinbase director, Charlie Lee, who believes strongly in the real-life use of cryptocurrencies.

Once holding the title of 5th position in the market, EOS, Enterprise Operating System, managed to overtake LTC, putting it in the 6th position. This is where the decision to campaign LTC’s uses sprang into action.

The sudden drop in LTC’s market cap, led the team to come up with several campaigns, mainly, “Litecoin Accepted Here” and “Pay with Litecoin”, which have been tweeted ever since.

There was no particular suggestion as to which businesses will be incorporating LTC as a payment method until the WikiLeaks Shop’s announcement on April 25th, 2018.

As of now WikiLeaks Shop will be accepting LTC. This comes of no surprise as the founder of the shop, Julian Assange was always a supporter of decentralized systems and the notion of increased privacy and possible uses of blockchain technology.

The LTC team has always been active on Twitter, to ensure that followers and coin holders are up-to-date with what’s going on.

For instance, the Litecoin Core Development has always managed to keep up with update releases, and essential information related to miners, current news and exchanges. But Litecoin will always have the little brother complexion when compared to Bitcoin. But to date, it has served the community and ecosystem well, acting as a testnet for experiemental blockchain protocols and changes to make the agenda of all coins better and more prepared for the future.

Therefore, their attempt in promoting real-life uses of LTC via #PayWithLitecoin is likely to get around. Will LTC’s continuous efforts in regaining its position be in its favor?


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