Litecoin's Charlie Lee Praises Monero's Coin Privacy, Expresses Interest in LTC-XMR Merger

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, revealed in a recent interview that Monero is one of the most attention-grabbing digital currencies largely because of its privacy and fungibility.

Despite his undying commitment to Litecoin and involvement in development of other blockchain projects, which include Segwit Protocol, Atomic Swaps, and Lightning Network, Charlie Lee praised Monero (XRM) saying that:

“Another project that I’m interested in as Monero: I think a bit of privacy and fungibility is something that’s missing from Bitcoin and Litecoin, and it’s very much needed.”

Charlie Lee on Litecoin

When it comes to his own project, Litecoin, Charlie Lee said that his interest in developing the digital assets goes beyond economic aspect of things. The outspoken digital asset supporter defended his decision to sell all Litecoin holding earlier, saying that it allowed him to be devoted to the project entirely without being distracted of the price movement of LTC.

On this matter, Charlie said that:

“These days, I’m not motivated by financial gains. I’m focused on spending all my time on Litecoin because it’s my baby: I created it, I want to see it succeed, and, if it does well, I get pride, fame, whatever. I’m spending all my time on it, and time is more valuable than money to me. So I’m definitely, really, fully invested in Litecoin’s success. …There’s no need for me to have a financial stake in it. A financial stake doesn’t really add that much, to be honest. I’m actually working harder right now than I worked previously on Litecoin: back when I had my LTC, I was spending most my time on Coinbase.”

Interactive Litecoin Community

The interest of Monero by Charlie Lee isn’t new. On January, the creator of Monero, Rocardo Spagni, jokingly commented in a Tweet that Litecoin and Monero were working in an alliance, with Charlie Lee replying that it would actually be a great idea for the two to work together. The tweet stated as follows:

“Although @fluffypony was kidding here, I think it would be good for Litecoin and Monero (2 of the top non-scam coins 😄) to work together. A while back, I proposed to him that we work on making it easy for people to do on-chain atomic swaps of LTC and XMR in a decentralized way.”

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