What Is Litenett?

Litenett is a new European social network decentralized payment system based on the blockchain that will support hundreds of millions of users. The project will let users access various services immediately in a single application. This project combined social media, music and movie, messenger, radio broadcasting, and events. The platform will offer support for over 30 languages and can be accessed from all devices.

Problems Litenett Seeks To Solve

Today, the use of crypto is mainly within the crypto community. However, it is still not popular with the masses. The masses are still looking for a simple and convenient solution, which will overcome any obstacles that prevent the wide adoption of crypto. The Litenett platform will alleviate all obstacles and consider the interests of the users.

This platform is both a social network and a media resource with a payment system. The active users will be rewarded for their behavior. Besides that, it will be possible to use social communication for the promotion of services and goods. This platform has the mission of making crypto accessible and interesting to everyone and the entire business community.

The Litenett Decentralized Blockchain Payment System Solution

To attract the biggest and smallest market players, the platform comes with opportunities for users to manage their products. These users will comprise of cinema networks, music companies, radio stations, and event firms. With verified access to a common database, every company will be able to deliver products and services directly to users. This will eliminate any intermediaries and their associated costs. It is expected to have a positive impact on the bottom line of participating businesses.

This project is a huge and credible bridge from a currently unstable market to a stable and safe investment bank. Participants will be able to save and grow capital. The creators estimate that with just 600,000 users annually they will generate about € 1.5 million profit. This will be a meager amount of €2.5 for each user. With the existing data, this would be the least advertising tariff in the market. This is what will help to attract advertisers to the platform.

About The Social Network

The social network for this project will allow communication and the exchange of content. It will let users communicate with friends, create groups, place posts, maintain microblogs, and have private chats. Besides that, it will let people purchase music, videos, or watch and listen to them free. Users will also be rewarded with tokens each time they watch an ad.

Litenett LNC Token ICO Details

  • Token name: Litenetcoin (LNC)
  • Token type: EThereum utility token for the Litenett ecosystem
  • Tokens issued: 300 million coins
  • Nominal price: $1
  • Soft cap: $1.5 million
  • ICO Termination: Sale of 80% of all tokens
  • Hard cap: $100 million
  • Pre-sale 1 Date: 14 May – 21 May
  • Pre-sale 2 Date: 28 May – 10 June
  • Pre-sale 3 Date: 25 June- 01 July
  • Pre-sale 4 Date: 27 August – 02 September
  • Pre-ICO Date: 07 October – 14 October
  • ICO Date: 01 November – 04 November

The tokens are open to anyone expect any country where the sale and distribution of tokens are prohibited.

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