Before investing in a company, the first thing we tend to do is do a little research to find out more about what they are offering. It is to ensure we get a good picture of the services they have and what the company is all about. And when the information provided is in line with our goals we go ahead and invest.

Well, Litetrade will not give you this opportunity. The company has not taken the time to provide a small profile about themselves and the products they have in store for you, so why even invest in them? The company claims to offer you a 4.40% return daily for the next 30 days, but their sitemap is not available so how sure are you that you will get the return as they claim.

In any business first impressions play an important role, this particular one does not even take the time to impress you. So why would you trust them with your hard earned cash? Many people are not aware of the existence of this platform; this is just another reason that this is not the investment to get in.

Several other reliable platforms have been launched, but for this particular one does not seem the way to go.

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