What Is LitraBit?

LitraBit is a trading platform that is generated for usage in universities for the purpose of shopping, paying school fees, fines and all other expenses that are incurred while in a university. LitraBit works with the aim of making the life of students better and simplified while in school. The platform is the first to offer token system using blockchain technology in the entire education ecosystem. The use of blockchain makes transactions made by students to be cheap and easy, thus keeps their education going without any interruptions.

How LitraBit Cryptocurrency For Students & Education Works

The students are also able to acquire different stationery including books and any other services through LitraBit since it collaborates with a variety of major stationery retailers in the platform. Through the platform, teachers in various universities that are using LitraBit can use its token as a motivation for students’ academic achievement in exams and assignments. This makes the students work even harder knowing there is a reward at the end. The platform also takes off the financial burden to students who would not get enough time for studies and their part time jobs.

LitraBit Generation Of Scholarship

LitraBit also aims at generating scholarship bonuses to students who are seen to be using the system faithfully and have good academic achievements each semester and according to the needs of the student. The platform also focuses on initiating payments in the form of LITRABITS. It aims at collaborating with scholarship providers to allow them pay their scholarships in LitraBit. This eliminates the hassle of currency exchange by the student who has received the scholarship.

The platform's token known as LitraBit is categorized as ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain. Users of the platform can acquire the tokens during the Initial Coin Offering of which early investors will be given high discounted rates. The students will use the token to make transactions by use of cryptocurrency technology on blockchain. The token will eliminate traditional cash used in the education ecosystem.

LitraBit can be exchanged with other cryptocurrencies easily and used as an investment for profits in the future. The tokens can also be exchanged for cash through cash Debt Card that the platform has. Users will use the token to get any service offered on the platform. The financial exchange can easily be done through a smart phone by the LitraBit application and a LitraBit wallet or a regular Ethereum wallet.

LitraBit Benefits


LitraBit is available to everyone at any time. Users can make transactions as much as they wish at the comfort of their residence. It can be accessed on a 24/7 basis through the LitraBit ATM card as well as the LitraBit cash Debit Card.

Low Fees

The use of LitraBit will lead to lower cost of services, which are easily available on the platform. The services will come at a reduced price due to elimination of third parties by use of a decentralized blockchain-based currency.


LitraBit offers scholarship opportunities to its investors and high performing students who are active users of the platform from time to time. Early investors of the platform are mostly considered during allocation of scholarships.

LitraBit LTB Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO:

  • Token Symbol: LTB
  • Token Sale Starts: To Be Announced
  • Token Sale Ends: To Be Announced
  • Total Supply: 22M
  • Token Standard: ERC20 Compatible
  • Soft Cap: 2.3M
  • Hard Cap: 9.7M

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