A majority of subscribers to webcam modelling will agree that anonymity is their biggest concern. This, however, has been compromised for a long time by the service providers. Having noticed this, LIVESHOW developed an alternative platform that seeks to enhance user’s privacy and improve network security. Moreover, their system charges low commissions and accepts payments instantly.

In a real gamechanger, LIVESHOW used their acumen in webcam modelling, and integrated cutting-edge software coupled up with blockchain technology get this platform going.

Liveshow: Transforming Web Video Broadcasting

Traditionally, both clients and models were reliant on web servers as the intermediary in the chatting process. This resulted in identity leaks on both ends, as the server keeps a log of all traffic. Also, the models’ remunerations were cut down by the numerous parties acting as ‘middlemen’ in their transactions.

LIVESHOW eliminated the need for the server by creating a login interface that connects the client directly to the model. Upon logging in, both receive a private key, through which a connection is established. The models are paid through LST Tokens which are available throughout and are easily convertible to real cash.

Features of LIVESHOW

  • Decentralization – the system can be accessed from anywhere across the globe.
  • Privacy – both ends have a unique key; meaning users and models remain anonymous throughout the connection.
  • Compatibility- LST Tokens can be used in other webcam sites apart from their parent website.
  • Advertising – while going on with your primary business which is chatting, users can use the platform to promote industry-related products.

Liveshow LST Token Sale

The tokens are to be sold through the official website, a total of 100 million tokens will be on sale, with 60% going to the ICO, 30% allotted to the firm’s stakeholders, and the remaining 10% allocated for presale. Below is an overview of the sale;

  • Token Symbol – LST
  • Platform – ERC20
  • Exchange – ETH
  • Sale starts – 10th November 2017
  • Sale ends – 30th December 2017

Distribution of Funds

It is projected that the token sales will generate an amount within the range of $1-$4 million. Thereafter, the money will be distributed using the following criteria;

  • 50% of the funds will be used for advertising and marketing.
  • Recurrent expenditures and development programs will consume 30% of the total income.
  • Hiring of legal practitioners is going to take up 10%
  • 10% will work towards reach and improvement of the security of the system.

Operational Guideline

After the ICO, LIVESHOW has set out a number of activities it intends to carry out. Immediately after the sale, they will embark on formulating a legal framework that will allow them to roll out their services in foreign countries. Afterwards, the aggressive marketing will then commence. This is expected to be in the first quarter of next year.

In the second and third quarters of 2018, the company plans to further enhance its marketing. Furthermore, revenue accrued from token sales and other dividends will be paid out during this period.

Liveshow Conclusion

Incorporating blockchain technology could not have come at a better time for LIVESHOW. Currently, digital currency is blissfully taking over, and everybody involved in the business is certain to make a killing out of it!

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