What Is LivesOne?

LivesOne is a blockchain-based project started by the Singapore Symbiosis Economic Foundation for the goal of creating a Symbiosis Ecosystem for users. Under their symbiosis concept, LivesOne hopes to provide an ecosystem with a business model from where users can benefit from each other's activities.

The Symbiosis Economic Foundation is a current member of the Singapore Fintech Association, which comprises of cross-industry entities formed for a non-profit goal to build a platform for the collaboration of market participants in the financial sector.  Initially, on its foundation, the SEF sought to establish a futuristic economic platform that will be able to quantify behavior value that internet users generate.

How LivesOne Proof-of-Value Crypto Symbiosism Works

LivesOne will work to enable the respective business members to get value from the activities of the interested internet users. With the LivesToken (LVT) the internet user behaviors and surfing time can get real economic value. The interested business can use the LivesToken to enhance user activity while the users can obtain the LivesToken by taking part in the activities set out by the entities or through the use of products.

Additionally, the users who possess the LivesToken can use them within the Symbiosis system for purchase or other means of consumption. The businesses within the Symbiosis system can also get to offer incentives to the users as reward for their internet use.

The Symbiosis Chain is the foundation project for the business model on the blockchain. The Symbiosis Chain was established to identify the internet user value, where the daily internet user goes through a process of registration before access to the webpage browsing, content creation, commenting or online sharing begins to take place. Users will get access to the browser, wallet and integrated application to use the LivesToken (LVT) within the Symbiosis Economy.

LivesToken LVT Coin ICO Details

The LivesToken platform intends to issue its purchase through an entire Private Placement process that will account for 100 million LVT and will only open to specific investors a rate of 1 ETH ≥ 9333 LVT. However, LVT lists May 1st, 2018 as it initial stage for mining.

Token Detail

  • Ticker- LVT
  • Total supply- 1 billion tokens
  • Minimum investment- 20 ETH
  • Maximum investors- 500 ETH

Distribution Plan

  • Investors- 30%
  • Founding team- 20%
  • Marketing and promotion- 10%
  • Symbiosis System partner businesses- 10%
  • Mining- 30%

Does LivesToken Expect To Appreciate?

The LivesOne intends to use the following mechanisms to achieve an appreciation logic.

  • The fixed supply amount will create a scarcity which could become increasingly challenging to obtain making it more valuable
  • The LivesToken will also go into multiple use cases by the token holders, and such scenarios increase the usability and exchange of the digital currency
  • By relying on the Symbiosis Economy Ecosystem, LivesToken assures token holders of strong survivability as the network continues in user scale and applications use.

LivesOne Conclusion

Overall, the LivesOne project remains an exciting project to watch out for since it does have the backing of a public limited company which guarantees the security of the non-profit funds. Additionally, the already established partnership with the Maxthon browser is a positive step by the project to legitimize its concept truly. All-in-all, the Symbiosis Economy remains an unforeseen ICO which could make a difference in our internet use value.

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