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LiveTrader: Effective Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Trading Bot For Profits?

What Is LiveTrader?

LiveTrader is a cryptocurrency trading platform that uses automated trading bots to enable its users to setup their trading strategies and trade automatically which will ensure that the users benefit from the cryptocurrency market.

The cryptocurrency trading bots utilize market indicators to monitor price trends and then automatically execute the trades depending on the trader’s parameters. The trading bots will enable users to back-test the pre-set parameters of trading strategies before they execute them in the live market.

Trading bots are mainly encouraged for traders who would like to execute their strategies without having to manually push the sell and buy buttons. The trading bots execute the strategies out of pure action without involving emotions in the cryptocurrency investment approach.

How LiveTrader Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Works

After registering their account on LiveTrader, users can simplify their trading experience by using the LiveTrader dashboard to track all the positions and movements of their cryptocurrency investments in real time. LiveTrader uses data from more than 150 reliable sources in order to provide the users with information and details on the cryptocurrency ecosystem that they can use to make informed investment decisions.

Users can then run their trading strategies through historical data for them to carry out an evaluation of how the strategies previously performed in different market conditions. This will in turn result in the users optimizing their trading strategies.

In cases where the users have multiple strategies on various exchanges, LiveTrader will enable them to run the strategies from a single account by setting up the strategies that they would like to run on any supported exchanges and then mix and match the strategies depending on their preferences.

If a user is not knowledgeable on algo-trading, they can browse through LiveTrader marketplace and select a strategy from the community. The user can view the performance history of the strategy ensure that it performs according to the standards of the users without having to carry out technical analysis on the strategy.

Why Use The LiveTrader Bot?

Automated Strategies

Users can trade Bitcoin and Altcoins over various exchanges using the automated trading strategies that are available 24/7. Users do not have to manually monitor their accounts, as they can set up alerts on their strategies so that they remain informed on the strategies movements.

Create Strategies

On LiveTrader, users can effortlessly create trading strategies and customize them according to their preference using technical indicators such as SMA, RSI, or fundamental indicators such as social sentiment, team analysis and many more.

Strategy Marketplace

LiveTrader will feature a strategy marketplace that contains multiple trading strategies where users can browse the strategies and test the strategies before executing them. After users find a suitable trading strategy, they can begin generating profits.

Dedicated Customer Support Services

LiveTrader has a support team that is always ready to help users with any issues that they might have. The platform boasts of fast response times and topnotch assistance when users are unsure of anything.


LiveTrader prioritizes transparency among its users; therefore, its users will receive complete logs of the trading bots movements as well as the decisions of the trading bots. Users can monitor each of these movements from their LiveTrader account.



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