Live Tree has started its crowdfunding platform where consumers get paid to share projects. It gives an alternative route to realize financing for projects on the cutting edge of creative industries.

The LiveTree system reaches further than traditional crowdfunding platforms:

  • Users earn commission by discussing crowdfunding jobs via their private networks.
  • Every project receives end-to-end support throughout its crowdfunding timeline.
  • LiveTree recognizes the value of its users' online presence.
  • Personal recommendation is the most effective means to fund-raise.

LiveTree joins a network of like-minded individuals that are motivated to share creative projects and support good causes. The platform opens up the prospect of investment to a much larger community than conventional crowdfunding platforms.

When an individual shares a job by ‘BRANCHING', they use their personal social networking networks to expand the project's reach to a receptive crowd. When someone invests in the project, whomever shared the job's connection will make a percentage earnings. This refer-a-backer model implies jobs are financed considerably faster, and fans share in the project's success.

What Is LiveTree?

LiveTree is a socially aware crowdfunding platform. It provides independent creatives and students with alternative access to fund, at precisely the exact same time increasing awareness for societal issues and charitable causes.

LiveTree has generated simple donation routes throughout the system. Project creators can allocate a proportion of funds raised directly to a charity of their choice. The users' commission earnings can be reinvested into fresh crowdfunding jobs or donated to one of LiveTree's partnered charitable causes such as; BFI stocks, the Doctors of the World, Hope for Children and some other worthy causes.

End-To-End Service

LiveTree offers end-to-end support using a community of dedicated advisors accessible during the crowdfunding process. Projects have no prerequisite goals or funding limits, and with LiveTree's reduced fees, creators have the chance to give back something to their own supporters and charitable causes.

LiveTree's crowdfunding version is a revolutionary new way to copy advertisements on the internet and encourage job growth. Users can gain control on the value of their online presence and can use it in order to benefit a wider network of great causes.

“I choose to back jobs through LiveTree since I can see the advantage of my investment. Being able to help not only the creative community but charities at precisely the same time is a massive bonus. The ‘branch' sharing system makes me a real part of the project's staff and allows me to provide more support than just a donation, for the causes I genuinely care about.” — M Blignaut LiveTree user.

The platform has already opened up funding for a range worthy causes including a community project directed by Regent's University students, and also to support the refreshingly talented indie-folk band ‘The Tin Pigeons'.

Exciting and worthy crowdfunding projects are regularly added to the site.

Growth And Future Of LiveTree

LiveTree is London's fastest growing social crowdfunding platform. It was established at 2016, by Ashley Turing, with an outlook to empower its users to support innovative projects in a manner that protects individual privacy and values online presence. Ashley studied computer engineering in Seattle and was first inspired by an MIT graduate who built a printing server before the advent of networks.

Having seen the power of artificial intelligence in manipulating markets and also the need to support the global financial system, he had been motivated to create LiveTree as an alternative funding platform.

Live Tree Summary

In short, Live Tree could be a viable way for users to capitalize on the growth of social network and crowdsourcing by bringing a socially responsible platform to the forefront of commerce.

More details can be found on LiveTree’s website.

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