What Is LivingOffSet?

The LivingOffset is a new marketplace based on the blockchain project where climate citizens can engage together in an effort to fight for the security of the earth. If you are responsible for carbon emissions, you can offset them via your neighbor's emission reduction. Your neighbor can be anywhere in the world.

For instance, if a farmer in Africa changes from using kerosene to solar light, it will reduce your emissions by about 10 tons. An office worker can also offset their emission based on the actions of that farmer in Africa. This will help the farmer fund the cost of switching from kerosene to solar. This system will make it possible to do this anywhere in the world.

How To Use LivingOffset

Using LivingOffset is quite easy. Offsetting will be achieved via a mobile app, which will be available via apple and android stores. The offset journey within the app itself will be quite easy and precise. The off setter will be able to preordain which project is favored. Those that take emission reduction actions will be able to apply to have their reductions certified within this platform.

For instance, if someone switches from foil fuel to an EV, he or she could have his or her action recorded and certified for the life of the EV. The platform has been designed to help all stakeholders in societies involved in making a difference.

What Happens To The Data?

Data from customers will be secured, and data protection will be given priority. The system will be built in conformity to the Directive (EU) 2016/680 passed by the European Parliament. This directive by the EU parliament which calls for the protection of personal data. Members of the LivingOffset project will maintain complete control of their data. The IT team is going to have a system built in a way which requires a minimal amount of data from customers. The data that they do hold will be secured with best practice protocols. It will also be updated and monitored on a regular basis to keep it safe from intruders.

LivingOffSet Offset Carbon Footprint Blockchain Business Strategy

The LivingOffset project has a goal of engaging and educating individuals on how their actions affect the world. For instance, they will learn that their choice to walk to the supermarket instead of driving there has a major impact globally.

This will entail creating a marketing campaign that creates a conversation that breeds a community of Offsetters. They already have a strong marketing team in place to achieve this objective. They will also engage with the corporate world since this project fits in well with their CSR policies. Corporates that have been lagging in their CSR duties will have an opportunity to fulfill them by collaborating with LivingOffset. Corporates will be able to reward customers who participate in the fight to protect the planet.

LivingOffSet LOFF ICO Details

The project is going to raise funds via an ICO. The hard cap for this project has been set at €20 million. Details of the ICO will be posted on an ICO site that will be created by LivingOffset.

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