lnd explorer

LND Explorer is a web-based interface where users can visualize and manage a Lightning Network node. This backend for controlling the Lightning Network node is open-source developed and features a great user interface, ease of use, and high transaction efficiency.

If you are looking for a censorship resistant, ultra-fast, and highly secure blockchain platform that is light enough to run on the raspberry hardware, LND Explorer promises to be it.

The company behind this new cryptocurrency tool hopes that it will be the breakthrough technology required to fully decentralize nodes and make them simple enough for anyone to install and manage on their hardware.

What Is Lightning Network?

Lightning Network is the platform that is nurturing the transactions interface for the future. Powered by blockchain smart contracts, the platform is a decentralized network whose core functionality is to enable smart payments between participants on the network.

The Lightning Network depends on the underlying blockchain technology to create a secure network of participants with the capability to transact at high speeds even in huge volumes. The system uses real Bitcoin/blockchain transactions to facilitate bidirectional payment channels that form the basis of the ledger on the chain.

Blockchain is the arbiter in the Lightning Network such as the one LND Explorer runs on. It makes it possible to carry out transactions without limitations – even off the blockchain. The nodes along the transaction paths are untrusted, and as such, a payment script enforces the transaction’s atomicity regardless of whether it succeeds or fails.

Why LND Explorer

  • LND Explorer facilitates instant fast payment using its Lightning –fast blockchain platform. This means that both the parties in the transaction do not have to wait or worry about transaction times because the transactions are secured by Smart Contracts.
  • LND Explorer is highly scalable and can support millions of people executing billions of transactions on the network concurrently. This feature blows away the current payment rails that are slow, expensive, and error-prone.
  • The cross-blockchain feature of the LND Explorer means that it can be swapped or configured to make transactions across other blockchains that support similar cryptographic hash functions.

LND Explorer has a simplistic web interface at present but you can access open source code files on Github.

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