LoanDex: A Decentralized Commission Free Margin Trading Exchange

Crypto trading has come a long way since it was created. However, there have been some challenges facing these exchanges. One of the major issues is the high exchange fees. Today, the top 50 exchanges charge an average of 0.2% as the trading fee from both takers and makers. This usually has a major impact on the profit margins of those who use exchanges.

Some exchanges claim that they can charge even. However, this fee only applies if traders trade a given threshold. This threshold is often set quite high. Thus, this makes it a deterrent to trade in some coins, which have low volumes.

Another issue that these exchanges have is difficulty with real-time trades. Most expert traders want an exchange that can let them profit from price variations. However, most exchanges have huge limitation. This causes delays in executing orders. Other issues are sudden downtimes, issues of security, limited fiat currency support, and limited languages support.

The LoanDex Solution

Loandex promises to facilitate crypto trade without charging commissions. It is also going to solve most of the existing issues with exchanges. With zero fees being charged, it will maximize the profits that traders get while maximizing liquidity.

This exchange will make it possible to process orders faster, with over a million trades being possible every second. This will bring about real-time trading to the world of crypto. The result is that it is going to become the fastest exchange in the world.

The Loandex exchange runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain has many features similar to the Bitcoin network. However, the main difference is that this exchange utilizes the blockchain as a shared space for running DApps. This makes it possible for Loandex to offer support to a wide array of cryptocoins.

How LoanDex Crypto Margin Trading Exchange Works

The Loandex exchange will be a free platform for LDX pairs. A small fee of 0.05% will be charged for LTC, BTC, and ETH market pairs. The fee will be used for maintenance and exchange expenses. The Loandex token is expected to rise in value soon since it will have utility on the exchange. To ensure high trading volumes of more than 120 million a month, the exchange is going to invest in some top of the line powerful servers.

LoanDex LDX Token & ICO Details

The decentralized Loandex exchange will soon launch after raising the required amount of funds. This exchange is going to bring about a new ray of hope into the crypto world.

Token Information

  • Token Name: Loandex Token or LDX
  • The token is going to be the driving force of the Loandex exchange. All services in the project will be made in LDX.
  • Total tokens issued: One billion LDX
  • Token Price: 1 LDX = $.0.02


  • 100 million LDX will be offered at a $0.01 discount price.
  • The pre-ICO will last for 21 days


  • The ICO will last for a month from the start date.
  • 600 million LDx tokens will be sold at the ICO.
  • The LDx will sell at $0.02 and will be sold at a 20% bonus.


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