Local Token Exchange

What Is Local Token Exchange?

Local Token Exchange was formed with a vision of developing a worldwide financial system that was more efficient, and dependable.

The idea behind it is to make it possible for people to trade using multiple cryptocurrencies, without ever having to worry about the inefficiencies associated with centralized exchange systems.

Local Token Exchange was, thus, created to provide a decentralized exchange, that had the liquidity commonly associated with a centralized exchange system. The result of this development is that the transactions are more secure, easier to execute, and trading occurs at a much faster pace.

The token holder is also a beneficiary. How is this so? He or she will get to receive a share of the profits recorded by the firm.

Having looked at how other peer to peer exchanges, like Xcoins and LocalBitcoins have penetrated the market, and come to enjoy immense support, Local Token Exchange hopes to capitalize on this growth to come up with a highly decentralized exchange. The exchange will feature a multi-coin peer to peer platform.

To achieve this, Local Token Exchange will be providing:

  • Future cryptos’ by permitting ICO airdrops
  • Ability to trade a broad range of currencies (crypto)
  • Regular payment of dividends
  • Provide a liquidity similar to that of a centralized exchange
  • Transparency
  • Easy AML/KYC verification process

It is an innovative space whose aim is to provide traders with an opportunity to transact trades, while at the same time allowing them to gain from the success of Local Token Exchange through the provision of dividends. The dividends will be issued to all token holders.

What Is Local Token Exchange Hoping to Rectify?

Currently, all the cryptocurrencies that have been centralized are filled with all kinds of inefficiencies. Customers have to deal with long waiting times, verification processes that take a long time to complete, and to cap it all off, the transactions are not properly secured.

The Local Token Exchange P2P Crypto Trading Platform Solution

Peer to peer exchanges and marketplaces provide direct access in a decentralized manner to connect the sellers and the buyers. This by itself is the true representation of free market trading. Currently, the future of digital currency trading is dependent on the development of robust p2p exchanges that can provide users with liquidity, and at the same time support multiple cryptocurrencies.

Liquidity is one of the most outstanding features of the centralized exchange systems. Local Token Exchange will provide a distributed business model that will bridge the gap that is already present in the market. At the same time, it will also seek to deliver profits harnessed from the platform to the users and token holder’s wallets.

Local Token Exchange Features

  • Extensive Coin Coverage—Local Token Exchange will provide more cryptocurrencies than any other exchange. It will also provide its users with early admittance to ICOs.
  • P2P Exchange— An easy sign-up process that has very few restrictions. Users can start trading their cryptocurrencies immediately.
  • Profit Distribution—Seventy percent of the profits from the ICO fees, Escrow, and the exchange will be divided between the available token holders.
  • Multi Token Utility—As a token holder, you will not only be able to receive dividends but ICO token airdrops as well.

Local Token Exchange LTE Token ICO Details

  • Pre-ICO—July 30th to August 30th 2018
  • ICO—August 31st to September 5th 2018
  • Hard-Cap: €19,490,900
  • Soft-Cap: €1,000,000
  • Token: LTE
  • Total Supply Available: 77,963,600
  • Payment Currency: Ethereum (ETH)
  • Nominal Value of LTE: €0,25c
  • Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 2286LTE
  • Project Protocol: ERC-20

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