What Is LocalTabs?

LocalTabs is an online local business directory for Bitcoin users to help you find different products or services around the United States. If you are looking for a specific type of service or place to eat for example, Local Tabs is a website that will help you find what you’re looking for.

How LocalTabs Share Tabs & Reduce Bitcoin Transaction Fees Work

LocalTabs is fairly straight forward. You basically go to the website, and search for your favorite places to eat. But moreover, you can also search for shopping centers or specific stores if you need a certain type of product. And if you’re in a new area and maybe looking for something to do, Local Tabs gives you the ability to search for that type of establishment or activity as well.

It’s a fairly new website as far as I can see. There seems to be a few thousand total views as of now. That means you’ll probably need to give it some time before you can find everything you’re looking for, especially in the smaller cities.

It’s likely that larger cities will get more attention faster and therefore become more populated at a faster rate of time then a smaller city. But all the same, you can search for anything anywhere as of now, just don’t expect to see something in every city you search. If you’re a traveler, this could be a great app/website for you to use.

LocalTabs Conclusion

The website is newly developed and designed to help you find the best sources in a given town for any type of service you can imagine. Even if you are searching for something to do, there is a possibility that you can find something interesting on Local Tabs. Especially if it’s a larger city where there is a bigger population.

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