While the cryptocurrency space exploded in 2017 and became mainstream for the first time, 2018 was the year in which this space started to mature and acquire more characteristics of a developed financial market, one with new regulations, a more defined structure and demands from the clients.

What will 2019 hold for cryptos? This is what the London Summit 2018 is set to discuss. The event will be hosted by Finance Magnets for the seventh consecutive year and it will take place at the Old Billingsgate from November 13 to 14.

According to the organizers, the event has grown at each year and emphasized many different topics. This year, cryptocurrencies and this new emerging market will be part of the focus of the event.

What Can People Expect From the London Summit 2018?

At the moment, not a lot of information was already unveiled about the event, but some of it is already public. For instance, the CEOs panel, which is a traditional feature of the event, will continue. It will feature hand-picked CEOs from the top talent of the industry and put it on a roundtable to discuss the cryptocurrency market.

While the event will cover many topics, the role of cryptocurrencies in the OTC trading will be the main focus of the event. Topics like the demand for new ways of regulating the market will also be featured in the event.

The event will be looking ahead to 2019 to guess how the crypto market will evolve from here and what does the future hold for this industry. A panel of veterans from the industry will try to chart a course forward for the key segments of the industry and guess the regulatory decisions that will take place in 2019.

As cryptos have become mainstream and big groups like the CME Group and CBOE have started to embrace crypto futures at the end of 2017, the panels will touch points on the retail market for cryptos and also its institutional space and how regulations can impact it.

For instance, the CEO of the CME Group stated that the group will not introduce other crypto futures other than Bitcoin. What does this mean? This is something that will be discussed at the event.

However, even if the greater focus of the event will be on the future, the present will not be forgotten. 2018 is presenting its unique challenges and the event has gathered experts to analyze the impact and the future of the industry, including tips for what the market holds for the investors.

Another crypto topic that will be discussed at length at the event if the rise of the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), how quickly the institutions have regulated them and their upcoming future in this market.

Will the ICOs continue to grow and move forward or they will be a fad? Many projects turned out to be disasters for investors, so now a huge portion of the market is wary of ICOs. All these questions will be addressed at the event.

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