LongHash And Cryptic Labs Team Up To Promote Blockchain Research

Blockchain startups are getting support in its initial phase by Cryptic labs and long hash, who forms a partnership between them to understand the concept and research of cryptography. The concept is in context of Blockchain technology where it will be monitoring the accessibility and compatibility.

What Is Cryptic Labs?

This is a research and development lab where a dedicated team of advisors who are experts and have knowledge of cryptology and cybersecurity performs a research and come up with solutions for the best invention to the people. It is lead by the chief Scientist Dr. Whitefield Diffie who is an American Cryptographer and he has so many achievements in past. He is accompanied by Martin Hellman and Ralph Merkle.

Long Hash Overview

It is a platform who mainly focuses on the development and performance of blockchain technology. It also acts like an incubator who help a small start-up to guide and provide the service for their growth.

The partnership between the cryptic labs and longhash will bring awareness to the public and at the same time will define some strategic move which will make things easy for the common people. The mission to educate people about blockchain technology will be accomplished through this partnership.

The partnership will have a combined effect as the cryptic lab will be expanding geographically and the longhash will helps start up with their expert suggestions, however, the goals remaining the same that is focusing on blockchain technology. There would be a valuable addition to the blockchain community and startups according to the CEO of longhash.

For both party’s goals remaining the same and is to actively work and promote the cryptography and blockchain technology. There would be an advantage with this partnership as they have an expert knowledge of the field. The security in the blockchain application was the concern and that is why both of them will work on its development and research to make it powerful. People will also be a relief once the security issues are completely solved.

They have a strong presence in Asia and they will launch the cryptography courses to this region. Longhash also has a presence in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore. They have a strong market here and will develop the region in future!

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