Thinking Laterally with Bitcoin – Ways to Spend it That you Never Thought to Try!

If someone approached you on the street back in the 1990's or, more specifically, 2008, and started talking to you about how Bitcoin will revolutionize the world of commerce online, you'd most likely look at them as though they'd gone mad.

Fast forward to 2018 and it's not exactly a well kept secret that cryptocurrency, despite having no broad legal definition in some nations, is being used for transactions.

And while they remain microscopic when compared to cash, card and digital payments through a large bank, sooner rather than later, the advantages, anonymity and speed in which cryptocurrencies can be used to purchase things will allow it to overtake its rivals.

But other than the dark web and the occasional coffee shop you read about that accepts it, where and how else on earth can you go about using cryptocurrency? Well here are a few known examples you may not have known!

Cryptocurrency For Video Gaming

Games on blockchain do what developers like EA can only dream of, according to Jared Psigoda of BitGuild, a blockchain game, which is to have a 100% rate of micro-transactions.

Gaming on blockchain and using cryptocurrencies to play them is becoming increasingly popular, with 2018 seeing an explosion in the market in terms of diverse new releases. For those looking for a way to spend your cryptocurrency, there are a countless number of games being released and already on the market that offer players a rewarding experience should they want to buy in.

From dungeon crawlers to first-person shooters and all the way back to token-based games like CryptoKitties or just plain gambling.

One of the areas in which you can use cryptocurrency in gaming is in one of the oldest, yet newest ways possible, which is through a cryptocurrency casino.

Bitcoin Vegas Casino

Cryptocurrency For Food Outlets

Ordering food online is a more recent development in the world of shopping and it's become a welcome change to going out on many occasions. What people don't fully realize, however, is that there are both online and regular restaurants that have gradually begun to accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

What's more, there are lists of food outlets which do accept cryptocurrency in some form, and it's a list that is continuously growing. These also include major food outlets like KFC and Subway, which have begun the steady process of accepting bitcoin at chosen stores, with it only being a matter of time before they're introduced elsewhere.

There are also payment applications on smartphones which make use of bitcoin, where the vendor can scan your QR code as a means of taking payment. Examples of this include PizzaForCoins, which Domino’s, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut are part of.

Cryptocurrency For Travel

Travel has always been up to the individuals going on them, and thanks to cryptocurrencies, they're also becoming an increasingly decentralized area, allowing more and more people to pay for their getaway with Bitcoin.

One of the notable examples of this includes Expedia, the international holiday explorer, which has begun including Bitcoin as a currency that users can pay in order to secure their hotel booking. This means that the more crypto-savvy users that want a truly decentralized holiday can do just that.

Expedia's move towards crypto payments began on 2014, demonstrating that the company was ahead of the curve, especially compared to the likes of NYSE, Starbucks, and Microsoft, which have only started to make substantial moves to crypto use.

While Expedia's progressive application of Bitcoin is laudable, it only applies to hotel bookings as opposed to flights, connecting transport or other travel-essential aspects. But where Expedia can't provide [yet] CheapAir does, giving its users that ability to buy any a plane ticket using bitcoin and has done since 2013.

Top Travel Booking Platforms That Accept Bitcoin & Cryptos For Payment

The list is growing, to say the least, denoting that amount of companies that will accept Bitcoin gladly as a means of transaction. And this is a figure that will only increase as time goes on. With Bitcoin coming into use by Starbucks this year, cryptocurrencies across the world have got the Venti size thumbs up for use in retail among other areas.

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  1. Fascinating that the crypto currencies can be used for travel nowadays. It would be interesting to see how many people use cryptos to book their hotels etc. but I am sure that over time more and more people will get used to spend cryptos these ways.


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