Blockchain-based development projects are the future, but we’ve got to understand that they aren’t solely meant for financial transactions. Yes, a great example is what Loomx.io is trying to do – justifying that blockchain can thrive and be useful outside financial transactions!

It is quite accessible and somehow understandable to ignore or even brush off the rise of Decentralized Applications (DApps) made using the Ethereum blockchain. Yet the demand for these apps is growing by the day and perhaps reminiscent of the number of apps in the first Google Play store (then called Android Market). Honestly speaking, it is the growing demand for these apps that gives birth to the creation of Loom Network.

Loom Network – A Plus For DApp Developers!

While Loom Network introduces itself as a thriving PaaS (Platform as a Service) in which Ethereum-based Solidity apps run on its chain, it is easy to dismiss it as just a mere project. But it is actually more than that. It doesn’t have a Whitepaper or ICO, and much of the information about the project is actually elaborated at the website.

It actually comes as a Loom Network DAppChains that enables hassle-free development of games and social apps. The main features include token-based karma and Ethereum-powered cryptos, all based on a decentralized, forkable and human-readable protocol.

Why Loom Network

Loomx.io comes with a couple of benefits for those aspiring to develop blockchain-based apps. First, it’s trying to be a one-stop full-service platform where smart contract developers and traditional ones will create apps without having to switch programming languages. Of course, this will be a huge convenience for them!

Also, it will be a good platform for app developers to get smart contracts used for DApp development since it will grant them more computing power on such activities like free trails. Basically, it will be a future-oriented blockchain platform for the large-scale online game and social app development.

Loom Network has the ability to help app developers use the Ethereum blockchain and still interact with APIs from 3rd parties. A great example is Twilio which can help them to incorporate 2-factor authentication for Smart Contracts.

Loom Network Blockchain Games & Social Apps Features

  • Apps developed from Loom Network

Building DApps, particularly those for gaming purposes, will function well with tradable tokens. Mostly, games built from this platform will have the following features:

  • Provably scarce items
  • Tradable tokens
  • Eternal worlds
  • Multi-game-spanning universes.
  • Social apps developed from Loom Network

Social apps developed using this platform are pretty unique from the conventional ones. Basically, they will have the following features:

  • Not driven by advertising
  • Monetized using karma tokens
  • Expandable through multiple-client apps
  • Minimization of trust,

Loom Network Team

Loomx.io is a project headquartered in Bangkok, Bangkok and in James Duffy, Luke Zhang and Matthew Campbell, it has three very able founders. They are the same persons who worked on EthFiddle.com, EthDeploy.com, Cryptozombies.io and SolidityX.org and they have Telegram, Twitter and Medium.com channels where they give regular updates about the progress of their projects.

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