Are you ready for making the best investments? It can be pretty hard to know which investments can make you more profits when you have so many options, so you have to really evaluate all of your choices well before deciding.

To better help our readers in the task of always finding the most profitable investments, our blog always reviews the best investments for our readers and today our subject is a company called Loomia.

What Is Loomia?

Loomia is a company that provides heating, lightning and touch sensitive technology. What does that have to do with cryptocurrency, though? Well, they are having an ICO soon and they plan to use their technology to incorporate a data gathering business within their products.

This is not necessarily something new. Companies are more and more interested in the business of big data and Loomia is just another company that is interesting in monetizing their products for them and their customers, which can sell their data to companies.

Loomia is embarking in this trend right now, being an interesting option for investors that want to enter in this market.

How Does Loomia Work?

The company’s products are tech-based accessories to be used in clothing. They can make your shoes hotter, for example. Because clothes are something that are with you all the time, they can easily gather a lot of data about how an individual acts, so they can provide valuable information to markets as well.

Because of this, Loomia sees the opportunity of monetizing this data. With a device called Loomia Tile and the technology in Loomia’s clothes, users can gather the data and then sell it as they want. The company wants to empower users enabling them to sell their own data instead of gathering and selling it for itself.

All of the transactions will be completely secured via smart contracts that will be stored in the blockchain. This way, individuals can really be assured that will be trading their data for money in a very secure way.

The company already has a 3-year plan about how to conduct their business, expanding from data gathering to other systems like using their products in non-clothing material like cars developing new systems.

How To Invest In Loomia?

To invest in Loomia, you will have to buy their TILE tokens. The ICO will begin on December 12 and it will continue until January 3. To buy this tokens, you will have to use ETH, so if you have any other of cryptocurrency, you should exchange it first.

There is still not a fixed price for the token unit, but it was said by the company that the ICO will start with a discount rate of 30%, so if you are interested in this company’s business, you should invest in it as soon as can if you want to pay less.

The ICO is very important for securing the funds for the company’s future, as they do not have their funding yet for their 3-year plan and the funding will help them to achieve it.

Loomia Conclusion

It looks like Loomia could be an interesting investment for people interested in data gathering. With a good business plan and a clear vision of the future, it looks like Loomia is a company that is really prepared to win.

There are no visible red flags about this company, so you can be assured that the investment will be safe for you. Because of this, don’t be afraid of investing in Loomia, the only that could, in fact, go wrong is the company not being completely successful with their future plans, but nothing indicates that this will happen.

If Loomia looks like a great investment for you, feel free to invest and you will probably get a good return on investment.

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