The blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have transformed the way we do things in since their existence. There is a considerable rise of ICOs, some legit, others outright scams. LoopX is one of the ICOs, and one you should consider. Want to know why? Read on.

First Thing's First: What is LoopX?

In September 2016, a group of professionals with impressive performance brought their minds together and founded LoopX. The objective of the project was to come up with a distinct trading software. It was created with the Loop-Algorithm in mind. Since its inception in 2016, the founders say that they have tested it several times and it’s ready to get into the public market.

Anyone who would like to get into the cryptocurrency market and make some good profits while at it should consider LoopX. According to its creators, The LoopX System, has proven to give ten times your income! But, they do not pay out daily as the profit margins would be minimal.

About the LoopX LPX ICO

  • Pre-ICO is planned to begin on January, 3rd 2018 up to January, 10th 2018.
  • Coin symbol- LPX
  • Pre-Sale and 5 single rounds. For $0.70, you will receive 1 LPX during the pre-sale.
  • Round 1 = $0.80 for 1.000.000 LPX
  • Round 2 = $0.90 for 1.200.000 LPX
  • Round 3 = $1.00 for 1.400.000 LPX
  • Round 4 = $1.10 for 1.600.000 LPX
  • Round 5 = $1.20 for 1.800.000 LPX
  • There are 8.2 Million tokens available for sale. This is an equivalent of 82% of the total tokens.
  • Coin types accepted-Ethereum and Bitcoin

Be Warned Before Investing in LoopX

Is it Listed Anywhere?

At the time of this review, LoopX was not listed in any exchanges. The founders, however, assert that it will be listed in February. Well, we are in the first day of the month February, so all we can say is let’s wait and see.

Social Media Channels

Since its establishment in 2016, LoopX does not seem to have bothered to open an official LinkedIn profile or anything that proves it has been in existence since then. The website doesn’t have the faces of the founders and no social media profiles. However, we realized it does have only a Twitter handle!

Is the Roadmap Legit?

Well, this leaves us with a lot of questions concerning LoopX. There is no evidence that this is “The Most Advanced Trading Software to Date.”

Where to Use LPX Coins

LPX coins can be used for trading, lending, and staking. The tokens are securely stored in an ERC20 wallet until the platform starts operating fully. You can withdraw your Bitcoins, Ethereum, or LPX anytime.

Should You Invest in the LoopX LPX ICO?

Often, investing in a lending platform is like gambling. However, LoopX promises to help you make profits from your investment.

Our Final Thoughts About LoopX LPX ICO

The founders claim to have more than 2,334 active users with over 12.85 Bitcoin and 222.38 Ethereum transacted up until now. However, we have a feeling this may not be valid information.

There are so many red flags about it; one, why don’t they have a LinkedIn page a year after their establishment? Two: It’s not listed on any exchanges and cannot prove how they will provide investors with 10 times profit. Seems quite unrealistic! We advise you to be careful before putting your hard-earned money in this ICO.

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