Lootbox Coin: Devolver Digital's Certified Fake Rare Crypto ICO Token Spoof

Devolver Digital Launches Lootbox Coin Presenting an Incredible Performance

Devolver Digital has presented its Lootbox Coin at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. They have been showing how the ICO market works, implementing predatory and explotative ‘loot box’ systems.

And indeed, Loot box systems use the same tactics as slot machines so as to keep people engaged and playing.

The cryptocurrency market has a very active community that invests in Initial Coin Offerings. The truth is that altcoin and ICO trading activities are ‘essentially a form gambling.’ The company leverages that by lending these two concepts into a joke that focuses in a very important part of the market.

Developer Nina Struthers Said:

“We have seen the cryptocurrency space roll in and jack-punch the global socioeconomic scene right in the sweetness, creating an entirely new culture of massively unqualified financial experts with absolutely no idea what the shit they’re talking about.”

After it, she introduced the audience to their product named Loot Box Coin. The company says that it has developed a plastic coin that actually changes price randomly every single hour, trying to emulate the volatility in the crypto market.

Devolver Digital's Lootbox Coin

The piece can be bought at lootboxcoin.com but just to be part of the joke. The returns, of course, are not guaranteed. Of course, they make a disclaimer saying that the item was just a piece of plastic. Sruthers marked that the coin cannot be mined, opened or crypto verified. Moreover, she said that real, actual money can be stored in real bank accounts.

The presentation was just one of the many ways to show how the cryptocurrency market is full of different type of investments. Some of them may be really useful and profitable in the long term, while others are just part of the thousands without any future in the space.

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