What Is Lovar?

Lovar is a community involved blockchain-based protocol that offers a ground-breaking platform for investing in artificial intelligence. The company operates by employing a machine-learning artificial system that trades on major exchanges to earn profit and reward Lovar inventors. Presently, the company is offering overarching investment solutions.

These solutions include term deposits; sell over time, internal exchange and external exchange. Investors can decide to make deposits and earn up to 1.5% daily interest. They can also sell their deposits at 25%. In this regard, the company aims at competing with and overtaking banks as the preferred provider of investment solutions.

The company was founded in 2017, where it started with a principle goal of advancing trading through the development of artificial intelligence. As a result of the unrelenting success in trading, it formed a solid foundation upon which it could expand and open investment solutions to the public market.

How Lovar Decentralized AI Investment Platform Works

Unlike a number of investment platforms, Lovar delivers a functioning AI bot as well as trading experience before opening the initial coin offering. In many ways, it’s one of its kind position permits Lovar to generate interest immediately after ICO in order to develop a considerable safety net prior to launching investment solutions.

LovarAI is basically an automated machine-learning trading system which was developed sometime in early 2017. Lovar’s AI employs a sophisticated network of algorithms as well as services to trade across cryptocurrency markets. Its major aspects include Arbitrage Trading, DeepMind, KeyCap, Global Compatibility, and Machine-Learning.

Lovar Features

Lovar has a number of particular features which make it distinct from other cryptocurrencies. These include:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Ethereum token
  • Term deposits
  • Sell over time and exchanges
  • Community involvement
  • Security and anonymity

Lovar Benefits

Some of the benefits in investing in Lovar include:

  • Multicurrency wallet
  • Functioning AI
  • Trade on internal and External Exchanges
  • Sell over time and earn 25% more than internal exchange
  • Promotional interest rates
  • Monitor AI analytics in real time
  • Community polls
  • 5% referral program
  • Deposit and earn up to 1.5% interest daily

Lovar LVA Token ICO Details

The ICO begins on the 14th of June, 2018 and will run in rounds.

  • Round 1 – $0.80 USD per token (1,000,000 LVA available)
  • Round 2 – $0.90 USD per token (500,000 LVA available)
  • Round 3 – $1.00 USD per token (600,000 LVA available)
  • Round 4 – $1.20 USD per token (700,000 LVA available)
  • Round 5 – $1.40 USD per token (800,000 LVA available)
  • Round 6 – $1.60 USD per token (900,000 LVA available)
  • Round 7 – $1.70 USD per token (1,000,000 LVA available)
  • Round 8 – $1.80 USD per token (2,000,000 LVA available)

The company intends to sell a maximum of 3000 LVA per round, as well as an unrestricted amount on round 8, which may be purchased. It is also worth noting that all the tokens which will not be sold will be burnt, immediately after the conclusion of the ICO.

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