What Is LoveBlock?

LOVEBLOCK (LB) is a digital online dating platform, which uses the blockchain technology for worldwide online dating. The platform exists to bring a complete change in the dating hemisphere by decentralizing the entire dating process thus improving security and increasing engagements through rewards. The platform will also create a network that will permit effective and safe data transfer across all platforms.

Loveblock will permit encrypted data exchange between dating platforms, networks, and circles. This will help get rid of fraudsters, nuisance and criminals off its ecosystem. To accomplish this, the platform will unveil a data transfer, the first of its kind ever seen.

The Problems LoveBlock Seeks To Solve

Women are always at risk due to lack of security on dating apps. Moreover, fake accounts on apps like Tinder are very common of late and are exposing people to spam bots or fake cam girls, trying to steal their credit cards and information.

Besides, bots cause a huge percentage of unnecessary traffic. There are many bots, which are not of good intent and there are plenty of such accounts on Tinder. People who use dating sites or apps like OkCupid or Tinder risk handing over their profiles to scammers due to the deceptive and fake profiles that exist in such sites.

A report released by the FBI states that romance scams and similar confidence scams drain a lot of money from consumers than any other form of internet fraud.

The LoveBlock Blockchain For Online Dating Security Solution

Fraudulent Activity

The platform has a unique verification system that can easily detect fraud. The information will be saved and encrypted on the LoveBlockchain. This will allow sharing of data with other DApps with a lot of ease. As a result, scammers will be exposed and their efforts to create harm across the whole network will be prevented.

User Motivation

The platform will evaluate each user based on merit and their tangible contributions to the network, rewarding greatly users with more positive contributions. This will motivate the ongoing and meaningful use of the platform indefinitely.

Decentralized Dating

With LoveBlock, many computers will house the user data, thus preventing the security issues that have coated the dating community for decades. Users will also set up personal circles comprising of friends and acquaintances. Rewards will be given to the dating circle members for getting friends.

LoveBlock DDD Token ICO Details

Decentralized Database for Dating (DDD) will be implemented on the ERC20 standards. This will act as the sole currency for the platform’s community and will be used for carrying out transactions across the entire Dapp network. Just to mention, the token is already operational on the highly successful Luxy dating platform. The private sale for the coin is live through 10/31/18. The crowdale starts 11/01/18 and ends on 11/31/18.

DDD Token Distribution

  • Pre-sale: 35% of the token will be created and distributed
  • Early investors: 20% of token will be created and distributed
  • 10% for rewarding partner Dapps and users
  • 20% will go for core developers, founders, and the LoveBlock team
  • 5% will be used for marketing activities, reward users and developers
  • 10% will be locked

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