What Is LSD Token?

This is a decentralized marketplace for sex. It’s a new platform that is being designed to change the way prostitution operates. They claim it will revolutionize the industry but there is not telling how they will function in the United States as prostitution is highly illegal every state, including Nevada. Nevada only has certain cities that actually allow it and it’s regulated very tight.

How The Love, Sex & Drugs Adult Entertainment Coin Works

The purpose of the platform is to help provide a platform for sex-workers that is considered open, fair and decentralized, only running on blockchain based technology software for everyone. And more importantly, they want to create the first global currency that can be used for porn, the adult industry and sex. There is a whitepaper listing on the website and an executive summary as well that is promised to disclose all the needed information.

The occupation of being prostitution is said to be the oldest profession in the world. And as of today, there is an annual turnover rate of as much as $186 billion dollars with a lot of problems. The problems have led to a negative public image of prostitution. LSD promises that their platform will help to eliminate a lot of the fundamental problems occurring at the core of the industry.

They claim to be able to change the future of prostitution entirely while at the same time burying any of the moral reprehensibility that has developed for good.

Not only that, but they also intend to bring the adult sector to new heights as a whole. And to help implement the needed standards that are required for successful operations on a global scale. They will make a secure, safe and private currency to be used on all types of prostitution, porn and related industries in the adult space.

LSD Token Benefits

There are some benefits they are making claims to provide:

Independence –

Apparently, this is going to be a breakthrough moment in history. One in which there will be a decentralized medium in which prostitutes can earn their income with independence and transparency.

Medical Safety –

Anyone who uses the platform will have detailed ratings, made publicly visible in which they can submit any medical data that will help improve their personal rating.

Overall Security –

Any payments made on the platform are said to be released securely after the completion of service. There is no possibility for fake profiles and each user will have a public rating. And there will be twenty-four-hour support for the platform as well as a RED system to help guarantee safety like never before seen.

Censorship Resistance –

The project as a whole is built on the popular blockchain technology and is therefore not the first. It’s also secure on a completely decentralized network built around the adult industries, something that has never been done before.

The dashboard will have several features like your total wallet, ratings on workers, how far you are from different workers or establishments and the ratings for all the above. It’s designed to be simple and functional, and more importantly to change the way that prostitution operated in the future. The goal is to make a product that can be used by newcomers and professional veterans without any hassle. They want users to feel safe and comfortable, able to find their way around the platform without any need of understanding the functionality of cryptocurrencies. It’s promised to be open, safe, simple and transparent.

What Is The ICO On LSD Token?

The ICO for the company is said to start in just nine days, eleven hours and eleven minutes at the time of this writing.

The ICO contains the following details about token distribution:

  • 60% Public Token Sale
  • 12% Marketing and User Adoption
  • 10% Founders and Team
  • 10% Future Development
  • 5% Advisors and Ambassadors
  • 3% Bug Bounty Pool

The ICO contains the following details on funds distribution:

  • 52% LSD App Development
  • 20% Marketing and User Adoption
  • 16% GFP Foundation
  • 12% General and Administrative Expenses

Again, the token sale ICO is said to start on the 17th of March 2018 @12:00 CET. There will be a hard cap of 11,000,000 USD and the token sale is set to end on the 7th of April 2018 @12:00 CET.

The ICO has been started due to the fact, LSD is convinced of the problems as well as moral hurdles within the prostitution industry have been the cause of a system that is outdated. Furthermore, there is no medium considered truly safe or secure for workers. LSD promises to revolutionize the entire industry along with the economic system within the adult industry on every level.

Who Is Behind LSD Token?

They report that for this to work, the most important factor is that they have a strong team that is large enough to handle all possible scenarios. There are currently vacancies for applicants on the company website. They are also going to attempt to integrate their platform with other adult websites through the use of a power API, to help ensure the payment system is 100% secure.

Along with that, the team is launching an app that will help users on a private level. There is promised to be weekly updates for the software as well. Releases will be on the web and on mobile devices. They want to make it easy as well for people to use fiat money to buy tokens, so it’s not too challenging for new users to understand.

Apparently, they are also looking to work with the GFP foundation to completely legalize prostitution on a global scale through the use of the LSD platform. There is apparently already a large community in support of the platform and ultimately the movement that LSD is starting. The platform will operate with smart contracts, modular individual blockchains, LSD based dApps for adults and through certified brothels, as well as VR sex. They are claiming to be making a very open-ended software.

As far as the team goes – it is headed by the founder of LSD. His name is Alex Garske, he is the CEO and founder, he has worked in business and communications as well as holds different related degrees. For the last eight years, he’s worked for Ford as an international business development manager. He met his wife through prostitution and that is why he is looking to change the way the world views it, while at the same time providing a safe and secure platform for the workers and customers.

Eliah Woratschek is another one of the founders and the chief operating officer of the company. He’s worked and went to school with Alex. He is precise and focused down to the last detail on any project. He knows exactly how to run a company on a global scale while also making it into a successful brand. He’s also a specialist in the cryptocurrency space and successful investor.

Other team members include the CTO & IT Specialist Simon Lang, Webdesigner & Digital Advertising Manager, Wladimir Goretzki, Community Director & Marketing/PR Manager, Ingrid Gries, and Markus Eggert, and the IT Specialist & Blockchain Developer, Markus Eggert.

LSD Token Conclusion

The company looks to be massive on a global scale, except for in the United States. US citizens, residents and companies cannot contribute or work with LSD. However, they will not be making any regulations as to ID verification or IP blocks, as they believe a way to buy LSD tokens can always be found. It’s advised that you follow the laws of your country to help protect yourself and the project.

The team has not been verified by this source, and it’s still advised to watch carefully when considering investing with any ICO, especially one on a sensitive subject like this. But, ultimately – LSD could change the way prostitution operates on a global scale and may end up making things a lot safer and secure for a lot of people.

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