What Is LucisDollar?

LucisDollar is a new crypto venture that aims to create a seamless exchange system between fiat and cryptocurrency. The crypto platform plans to increase the utility of cryptocurrency by facilitating global remittances through their token (LCD). Consequently, the ecosystem wants a financial system that will benefit the global community with a cutting-edge economic solution through the use of next-generation blockchain technology.

LucisDollar Crypto Lending & Exchange Blockchain Features

Apart from the payment remittances section, LucisDollar also has additional features to attract more users. The platform has a referral program in the form of Lucis Family Rewards program. The bonuses program will entail a competitive compensation system where members earn once they get a new user on the ecosystem. Each bonus has its requirement to achieve for you to get a reward.

LucisDollar also intends to facilitate an escrow service with its payment remittance and processing platform. That is in line with the LucisDollar plan to offer a secure form of exchange for traders. Additionally, the escrow service will work on due diligence and a vetting protocol to verify each transaction between the parties.

In the future, the platform wants to introduce banking services with the option of several types of accounts for its members. The banking model will provide users with digital card accounts, liquid savings, and lending accounts. On the side, you can also request for insurance products which the project wants to introduce at an individual basis.

How Will LucisDollar LUCD Currency Work?

Creating a stable inter-currency exchange presents a considerable task especially with our current fiat system. But there is a way LucisDollar plans to do overcome this challenge. Apparently, the LucisDolllar token (LUCD) will provide a stable medium of exchange for the evaluation of our currency. That will be made possible through a proprietary algorithm. The algorithm will consider several factors within the world economy to come up with a stable exchange rate. Accordingly, having a currency based on an original algorithmic value makes it the first non-volatile currency free from the typical cryptocurrency speculation.

LucisDollar LUCD ICO Details

ICO – Begins March 1, 2018

Coin Distribution

  • 35 Million Coins ICO Phases for Public Purchase
  • 5 Million Founders
  • 10 Million for Advisor Team Vendor Agreements
  • 30 Million Corporate Holdings

Use of Funds

  • 20% Diversified Asset Portfolio for Financial Corporate Security.
  • 35% Blockchain property enhancement and security integrations.
  • 5% Legal and International Corporate Structuring
  • 40 % for profit centers through Arbitrage, ICO investing and other technological investment opportunities to increase the funding for the bank as well as contribute to the profit sharing program.

Should You Join LucisDollar?

At first sight, LCD seems like a viable project to get on board. With their currency, they expect to kill off the volatility situation with the crypto world. But a significant milestone would be to get the coin to work. As of now, most of the project is just theory. Additionally, their whitepaper fails to mention how it would ensure a stable exchange network. To any wise crypto investor, the algorithm would be the first item they would need to see. As such, not explaining the algorithm leaves the project with much suspicion as to whether they are real or just a scam. The conclusion would be to avoid the project.

LucisDollar Verdict

At a relatively new stage, LucisDollar is making bold claims on changing our financial scene. However, this will not be a walk in the park for the venture. Most of the world still relies on the fiat system, and it will take a considerable shift for LucisDollar to become a household name. Additionally, the project is still facing competition from almost similar projects on the blockchain. That makes the chances of success even more desperate for the token. All-in-all, I would say the concept is good and all, but I don't see the project gaining any traction in the crypto world.

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