Cryptocurrencies are swiftly seizing the online social gambling market, moving into place as the primary means of payment among gambling platforms. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that emerged in 2015 and in less than 2 years has become integrated with majority of the online payment systems. Advantages are low regulations, user anonymity, unrestricted volumes of transactions, transparent platform and accelerated payments. The advent of this technology makes it possible to create a straightforward international lottery, capitalizing on the medium’s clarity and utility on a global scale. Additionally, the latest trends of smart contracts, the lottery can be regulated by the community instead of stakeholders.

Luckchemy leverages the blockchain platform in a unique way to go beyond being just an online gambling portal.

What Is Luckchemy?

Luckchemy is a rapidly scalable and provably fair online gambling platform supported by a distinctive blend of off-chain cryptography and blockchain technology. They aim to provide operators with turnkey solutions for a full suite of casino products, with an initial focus on lottery. They have an experienced team that is passionate about revolutionizing the gambling industry by efficiently and effectively creating an alluring and indelible escapade.

Minimum Viable Product of the platform will be available from March 11 2018 and the complete platform will be launched in third quarter of 2018.

Their goal is to offer a full suite of gambling products, both independently and in association with third party collaborators.

Luckchemy Advantages

  • Fair Games: Implementation of blockchain guarantees that the players are able to verify each lottery result.
  • Scalable and diverse platform: They provide a full suite of gambling products like lottery, powerball, scratchers, sweepstakes, slots, poker and so on.
  • White Label: For a reasonable fee, you can use Luckchemy platform and integrate it in your brand.
  • 99% return to players: 99% return is significantly higher than in traditional lotteries and online blockchain alternatives.
  • Integration with 3rd party games: To provide more options of games, Luckchemy allows integrations with other different games providers and platforms.

Luckchemy LUK Token ICO Details

They are designed to provide long-term utility and value for holders. The distribution of LUK is designed to be equitable and scalable. Maximum of 1 billion tokens out of which 70% will be utilized in token sale, 15% will go to the lottery fund, 8.85% will go for private placement and 6.15% will be used by the partners. All unsold tokens will be burned down alongside with tokens from not for sale amount to keep original ratio intact.

40% of the raised funds will go to the lottery pool, 30% will be utilized for marketing and promotional activities, 10% goes for day to day operations, 10% for the development of the platform and 10% is allocated for the partners.

The hard cap of the token sale is 22,000 ETH and 1,000 ETH and the conversion rate for 1 ETH will be 25,000 LUK. The private sale of the token is from April 2-April 24 2018, Presale is from April 30 to May 21 2018 and public sale is between May 22 and July 20 2018.

LUC Token Holder Benefits

  • LUK holders directly influence the platform development, new games and features via Feedback polls and voting.
  • If you buy tokens with discounts at early stages, you will be able to use them later to participate in games or to sell at higher prices in exchanges.
  • The more LUK tokens holder has in the wallet, the greater the chances of winning in the monthly lottery.

Luckchemy Fair Online Gambling Blockchain Conclusion

Luckchemy strives to transmute the existing gambling paradigm into decentralized, trustable and provably fair system. Their team is passionate about revolutionizing the gambling industry by creating engaging and memorable experiences for the players. With a sound business plan and an exciting marketing strategy, they are poised to take on the booming gambling industry.

To get additional information about the platform, their business model or their token sale, visit their website .

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