What Is Ludum?

LUDUM project is an online lottery platform built on the Stellar Blockchain to ensure an utterly transparent gaming experience with no chances of fraud. With the traditional lotto games potentially manipulating results, there is every reason for individuals to establish more suitable technology that could help them trust and play the lottery. LUDUM have therefore used blockchain technology to increase the player's chances of winning.

How Ludum Stellar Based Lottery Platform Works

LUDUM plans to completely reinvent how the lottery industry works by using the Random Number Generator (RNG) operating on the blockchain. The game will be following structure for their platform:

  • Odds of winning option for a jackpot that is 1:7,000,000
  • Jackpot prize starting at $1,000,000 for the first drawing
  • Each ticket cost the players $3
  • If the jackpot has no winner, it is rolled over to the other lottery.
  • A simple user interface to allow a secure purchase of tickets.

Once a player buys a lottery ticket, the LUDUM platform distributes the funds as follow:

  • Prize money- 60%
  • Marketing- 10%
  • Global social causes- 10%
  • Fees and operations- 7.5%
  • Token holder game- 10%
  • Referral awards- 2.5%

Additionally, the prize money is distributed according to the following plan:

  • 1 Grand Prize- 50%
  • 10 Second Prize- 25%
  • 100 Third Prizes- 25%

Ludum Benefits

Complete Transparency

The LUDUM platform will have all its lottery matters are using technology, with the open source code available on GitHub. Ticket purchasing, random number generation, prize ticket verification, distribution and other internal operations are all accessible for scrutiny by external parties.

Instant Payouts

Prize payouts are fully executable instantly, with no need for third parties to ascertain the transactions. All payments and transactions are recordable within the blockchain-based ledger and any player can confirm the distribution of the prizes.

Fair And Non-Manipulative

Due to the transparent and secure nature of the blockchain technology, cheating is impossible in any LUDUM game. Each source code of the game is open to individuals, with all transactions are available although there is blockchain encryption to make it impossible to break with any technology available.

Higher Odds Of Winning

LUDUM games have much higher odds of winning than other lotteries, thus eliminating the stigma of lotto being a game for naive fools.

International Appeal

Blockchain technology is limitless, and national borders make no difference. Such a foundation for a game gives it an international call as anyone in the world can participate. Any person from any place in the world can play our lottery without providing any personal information.

Social Cause

A significant portion of Ludum's earnings goes towards global social causes like ending hunger, empowering women in developing countries and improving access to education for impoverished children.

Ludum LUD Token ICO Details

30 JUN 2018 – 31 DEC 2018 (0.3333 XLM = 1.0 LUD)

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token ticker- LUD
  • Platform- Stellar
  • Token price rate- 1 XLM= 3 LUD
  • Token supply- 550,000,000
  • Hard cap- 330,000,000 LUD

Token Distribution

  • Pre-ICO and ICO- 60%
  • Stellar trading platform- 4%
  • Development team- 27%
  • Markerting, design and bounties- 9%

Ludum Conclusion

The lottery sector makes a good portion of the gambling market, and blockchain technology is becoming the go-to technology to build trust for the players. However, for the LUDUM games, the level of their confidence remains questionable. Overall, gambling crypto-projects do not make a favorable investment idea.

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