What Is Lukka?

Lukka, formerly known as Libra, is a Crypto asset technology and data services company focused on middle and back office crypto asset processing. The company seeks to enhance the developments of technologies that will bridge the gap between traditional financial ecosystems and emerging crypto assets.

Additionally, Lukka aims at revolutionizing the collecting, auditing and transformation of crypto asset financial data. With the transformation of distributed and decentralized data into auditable business information on Lukka, businesses will have the ability to improve their operations, ensure they have regulatory reporting and transparency, as well as be able to create financial statements.

Lukka Products

Lukka Crypto Office

This middle and back office platform transforms any decentralized and distributed data into operational financial information that can be easily audited while eliminating the manual processes involved in normalization of data.

Furthermore, the crypto office ensures that distributed data is accurate and complete, and that cost basis and match gains and losses are accurately calculated, which improves the business’s operational performance and transparency.

Lukka Reference Data

The services offered by Lukka Reference Data involve tracking and normalizing crypto data for over 2,700 crypto assets across various exchanges and blockchains in order to create a database for storing information on crypto assets and exchanges. The information can then be used to support a business’ trading, finance, operations, and audit functions.

With this product, businesses will receive timely and accurate daily updates regarding crypto assets, trading pairs or any fluctuation in the market. Investors and auditors on the other hand will have the ability to verify data integrity through the Lukka Reference data.

Lukka Pricing

Lukka Pricing is an institutional source that values crypto assets. Using this product, accountants and auditors will receive pricing data that is compliant to the current GAAP and IFRS rules, as well as enable institutions to create customized pricing methodologies based on their specific business needs.

Lukka Advantages

Integrations With Blockchain Technology

The major challenge for currently systems is the fact that they are designed in a way that they cannot support crypto assets, which hinders the mass adoption of crypto assets. Through the integration of blockchain technology within Lukka and its products, Lukka is able to solve this challenge for businesses in the digital asset ecosystem.

Experienced Team

Lukka’s team is made up of finance and technology experts with more than 125 combined years of experience in providing trading, risk, and audit services in some of the leading financial institutions in the world. This means that the products offered by Lukka will be advanced and designed to best suit the needs or the requirements of the business.

Secure And Scalable

Lukka utilizes the highly secure SOC 1 Type 2 for enterprise-grade infrastructure, which ensures the security of a business’ connectivity, and data. Lukka also features Institutional-grade solutions that can support high volume usage without experiencing any downtimes.

Complete And Accurate Data

Lukka provides businesses with complete and accurate data on their transactions and a wide variety of reports such as financial, operations, business intelligence, regulatory and performance reports. The data is provided consistently through the standardized Data Directory that features daily updates on crypto assets and fluctuations across the supported exchanges.

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