Combinations of different services being offered on a singular platform are especially appealing to the modern consumers. In the hopes that decentralization and blockchain technology will begin to permeate hundreds of different fields, some companies are offering new and exciting services on a unique platform.

What Is Lumenus?

Lumenus is another such company; the organization offers a variety of services to their users. The company is currently in the ICO phase of their development. Offering shares to investors in exchange for capitol, the Initial Coin Offering has already drawn significant interest.

Specifically, the Indonesian Token ICO is for an internet security service being offered by the company. Built on the Lumenus platform, this system works to “protect precious data.” Though the applications of the Lumenus system initially lends itself to cryptocurrency-related transactions and economic interactions, other programs in the Lumenus platform include health industry aides and networking platforms.

The ICO by Lumenus looks promising; but it’s often difficult for the average investor to compile the information necessary to accurately assess the viability of investment. Consequently, this guide has been created to provide readers with the key factors involved in the Lumenus ICO.

What Lumenus Health, Profile & Education Blockchain Does

Lumenus provides information storage network technologies. Though they apply the technology in several different ways, their role as a decentralized network to store data is a key aspect of their identity as a platform.

The primary target of the product is likely to be developers and owners of startup companies. Certainly, anyone interested in finding a decentralized an exceedingly secure information storage technology is a target for the product offered by Lumenus.

Their ICO website refers to the platform as an “ecosystem” where users can manage anything. This level of concentrated control over the information may be a particularly alluring drawing point, mainly to smaller companies which emphasize information storage and network technologies.

Lumenus XLS Token ICO Details


The platform, as is expected, is offering investors the opportunity to buy-into the project early with an Initial Coin Offering. These offerings typically provide substantial discounts to early investors, and the Lumenus ICO is currently in this pre-sale stage.

The presale started on May 1st and will go until the tenth. More information on costs of contribution, how to contribute, and market soft and hard caps can be found on the Lumenus whitepaper.

The main webpage for the ICO also provides basic information on the roadmap for the development of the Lumenus platform. Currently, the company is in the Q2 2018 stage of their development. This means that the private sale, presale, main sale will begin. Finally, a redesign of the website and a hiring of team and development of tech will happen in this phase of development.

Lumenus Conclusion

Lumenus takes advantage of their unique information storage and networking platform to offer a variety of services both to business owners and consumers. From health storage technologies to professional networking programs, Lumenus’ secure network is changing the way some niche industries can respond to their most resounding problems.

The Lumenus ICO offers investors the opportunity to get involved early in this developing startup and its technology.


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