Lumi Crypto Wallet Releases

Lumi Releases “First Real App” For Investors to Store Collectibles in Digital Wallet

Lumi offers crypto wallets for users that want to store their tokens, but they have recently decided to expand the scope of what they do. There have not been any other applications like this so far, even in a browser format. The new project, which is being called Lumi Collect, will give users the option of putting all collectible items in one wallet, even their game assets and other unique assets.

When users open up the app, which is designed for both Android and iOS, they will have a full list of all the collectible assets that the user has associated with their Ethereum address. It is found at the My Collection tab, where they can see their ETH and token activity.

There is an additional release planned, during which time the company will be giving the option to sign smart contracts, using the Lumi wallet. By doing so, users can more easily send the products from their collectible games and secure them. There will be additional profits available soon, which will be promoted under the Explore tab on the app.

The whole point of the new wallet is to maintain “unique collectible characters in one place.”

The majority of the assets that will be stored here will come from games that allow users to collect characters and store them in one place, like the “adorable creatures” from CryptoKitties, along with the items that come from Blockchain Cuties. There are two other games coming soon that Lumi Collect’s wallets will be available, which will be Mycryptons and 0xUniverse.

In a recent announcement, Lumi also told investors that there is an airdrop planned for September 10th to September 14th this year. If the user does not need a collectible wallet, Lumi has kept their ERC-20 compatible wallet in place, both with their website and the involved application. Users can maintain their tokens from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum in the wallet. They can even evaluate the collectibles and digital assets to estimate their worth in the above currencies.

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