The hunger for economic supremacy has led to various exploitation measures against consumers and investors in different sectors of the economy. And with over-dependence on globalization control on various banking and money ownership entities, the problem seems to pile on a daily basis. Therefore, individuals have to come together as a symbol of unity to promote success and spearhead social justice within their environments. All this can only be made possible through the adoption of decentralized forms of operations that would not only offer economic freedom, unbiased political interests, and cultural maintenance. That's why it's vital to adopt a measure such as LusoCoin.

What Is LusoCoin?

LusoCoin is a decentralized online blockchain platform that sets to offer ideological, financial solutions to various interested parties without external influence. The site will work on improving technology that would support multiple competitions, reward initiatives, job offers and donation opportunities to economies with interest in decentralization and immense social prosperity. Additionally, LusoCoin will enhance balance within communities to enable movement towards a common purpose. So in the real sense, communities will not only grow financially but also education wise as they get to share information for the common good.

LusoCoin Features

Apart from being a tool on its own. LusoCoin offers its users various equipment that would enhance their success;

  • Creation of a goods and services exchange platform to enable multiple LusoCoin and masternodes holders meeting points for better interaction.
  • Incentives for Masternodes for network balancing on future decision making
  • Private end system for wallet coin mixing to create Privatesend Balance.
  • InstantSend for instant transactions on irreversible transactions.
  • Mining provision for network miners to discover blocks gaining historical value in the coin's future value.
  • X11 Algorithm for on platform security purposes.
  • Masternode Network is running on P2P network for receiving updates according to traffic.
  • LusoCoin Exchange for better experiences

How LusoCoin Lusophonous Cryptocurrency Works

The developers of Luso would survey of various communities from which they will come up with a list to present to Masternodes owners. The owners then get the chance to vote for their best 10, which will receive a given value at the end of the month. However, a community can get disapproval if it fails to meet at least 51% if the Masternodes.

  • The platform already has in place decentralized network operators who invest in the currency future and participate in administrative activities. The operators are stable and cannot reuse their assets for other Cryptocurrency purposes.
  • Masternode operators vote on given projects financing through a public portal
  • Payment to budgets are made directly to the blockchain
  • Allows the use of Das and Luso currencies on core developments

LusoCoin LUSO Token ICO Details

Although the LusoCoin sales events aren't clear on their official white paper, we gather that;

  • The pre-sale will take place between March-May 2018
  • Income per block until 14400- 5 Luso
  • Income per block until 2028 – 5 Luso
  • Coin circulation until 2028- 72576000 Luso
  • Masternode requirement- 30,000 Luso
  • Pre-mine -10368000 Luso per year
  • The expectation on the first block production is 10% to the year 2025. The amount would be used to spearhead the project throughout the world.

There are also plans underway to encourage the circulation of the first coins to enhance the completion of the projects. Users will also have access to the Android Wallet and Telegram Bot for effective interaction and

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