LXDX Crypto Exchange For Institutional Investors Gets Dymon Asia Ventures Backing

Dymon Asia Ventures Decides to Support LXDX To Make Crypto Amore Widely Available

LXDX is a platform that enables cryptocurrency trading, and they develop software that makes it easy for both public and private retail exchanges to engage with institutional investors. They offer block trading solutions to these types of investors, though they primarily are involved with those who have hedge funds, who work in conventional markets, or who work with investment banks. The main goal is to make cryptocurrency more like fiat funds, which is why they have zoned in on market liquidity and want to speed up the process.

While in an interview with VentureBeat, John Hazen, the co-founder and CFO, said:

“To trade cryptocurrencies like traditional financial securities, the current set of tools that are offered by current cryptocurrency exchanges cannot keep up with the volatility of the cryptocurrencies themselves. Our experience with technology that can deal with the volatility of traditional securities is built into our exchange.”

Part of the changes they have implemented is by making an agreement with Dymon Asia Ventures.

Dymon Asia Ventures is part of a larger whole, which is Dymon Asia Capital. Dymon Asia Capital is based out of Singapore and is the owner of $4.9 billion in managed assets. Their main plan is to help integrate LXDX into other markets, but they also plan to support the platform with the capital resources they possess as well.

In return, LXDX’s role is to offer technology to Dymon Asia Ventures, while will help them with crypto trading. The firm will have access to LXDX’s exchange system and architecture, which should help to make the distance between the market, retail investors, and institutional investors much smaller. As this collaboration progresses, LXDX eventually plans to decentralize their technology, which would make their transactions much faster, keeping up with the needs of their industry and others.

Presently, the advisors that are contributing to this effort include Alex Disney of Cumberland Mining, Justin Litchfield of ProChain Capital, and Arianna Simpson.

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