Lympo Squat Fitness App Launches 'Squat for Crypto' to Earn LYM Crypto Token Rewards

The world of digital currencies is doing wonders. It has opened more opportunities for people to earn and trade conveniently and securely. Perhaps, blockchain is what the world has been waiting for to experience a real transformation.

What is even more exciting is the fact that people can make money from the technology without necessarily having to mine or trade the cryptocurrencies. A good example is an app which allows people to squat and make money from the activity.

The app

According to TheNextWeb, this new development has been received with a lot of excitement across the globe. A new fitness app has been developed which uses advanced technology to detect the number of completed squats.

As such, the app harnesses the power of the camera to accomplish its mission. Once it recognizes that you have completed a squat, you stand to be rewarded Lympo LYM tokens. It does not matter where you are squatting. What you only have to do is to complete a squat.

The reward program does not only entice people to use cryptocurrency, but also ensures that people exercise on a regular basis. For every fifteen squats, one stands to get three LYM tokens. If you are not sure how to go about squatting, there is a virtual coach who can guide you through the exercise.

The name of the coach is Kat. However, you will need to observe precautions while squatting to minimize the chances of injuring yourself.

Terms and Conditions

The app does not reward you for engaging in weighted squats. As such, you are advised to do the normal squats since you will not be compensated for doing extra work. Moreover, you need to keep time while squatting since the virtual coach also gets tired.

It appears funny, but that is how this app is modified to work. You should note that while Kat is resting, you cannot earn any rewards. You will have to wait for her to recover before you can continue. She takes approximately ten minutes. You can also take advantage of this break and take a rest.

Monetary Gains

There are conditions to be fulfilled before you can withdraw these tokens. You will need a minimum of 1000 LYM tokens. Currently, one LYM is valued at $0.0078. That means that the minimum withdrawal amount is $8 at the prevailing exchange rates.

Considering that one squat is worth around $0.002, you will have to do close to five thousand squats before you can earn the minimum withdrawable amount of $8. In other words, if you are doing approximately thirty squats a day, you will have to exercise for over one hundred and sixty-five days to earn this amount.

It seems that this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is complicated by the fact that LYM has been losing value since June last year. You will have to be patient if you have to reap from this program. However, this is not a bad idea since it will also improve your health.

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