Lyoness In Its Promoting Stages Of The eCredits Crypto

Lyoness has just released a video in which the company expresses the launch of its cryptocurrency, eCredits. The way that the message about eCredits is delivered appears to follow the MLM Ponzi scheme.

After further analyzing the official promotional video, it appears that Lyoness plans to create eCredits and offer them via the company’s e-commerce platform. The presentation also went on to indicate three ways of getting hold of this crypto, which induce users to invest into Entreprise Cloud, attending the “Worre Seminar”, which will be held by Eric Worre and/or finally, qualifying for the “President’s Bonus”.

Each eCredit will be offered in exchange for 1 EUR. Keeping this in mind, Lyoness is believed to offer 1990 eCredits (valued at 1990 EUR at the moment) to those who have purchased ten and more tickets and an additional 199 for actually showing up. The event run by Worre himself is scheduled to take place between May 24th until the 26th in Prague, Czech Republic.

Although this can potentially encourage more access to the public, the President’s Bonus is strictly for the top earners of Lyoness. In particular, over millions of eCredits will be given to members who have convinced several others of the potential eCredits has (i.e. the Ponzi Scheme).

Consumers might consider this to be rather centralized, however, Lyoness members also do not have immediate abilities to acquire eCredits as they please, as a limit of 49,668 eCredits has been placed per accountholder.

While the way in which eCredits will be distributed has been stated, the entirety of the project is extremely unclear. The information provided appears to be all hype with very little sources to back it up.

First and foremost, a white paper or a detailed report housing the technical aspects and the measures that will be taken has yet to be disclosed. Second, whether or not Lyoness plans to register the token in a jurisdiction is unclear. Lastly, the promotional video suggested that users can expect 1 eCredit to be valued at 10.000EUR within a four-year timespan. This might be very attractive for investors, contrariwise, how the forecast has been made or any partnerships has not been mentioned.

One might argue that the platform itself can generate such returns, however, eCredits are very limited as it prioritizes the Lyoness team.

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