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The introduction of the blockchain system in the Cryptocurrency industry brings with it enormous advantages to its users. However, the issue of trust in anonymous transactions remain a challenge to many individuals. LYVES coms to offer solutions to this issue through its platform. By bringing together buyers and sellers through its feedback feature and trust prioritization, users can be sure to remain secure even as they are anonymous.

How Does LYVES Work?

Using the platform in all their transactions, users gain access to the feedback function, which allows them to leave a review at the closure of each sale. The user then receives rewards inform of credit notes for each completed transaction. The report acts as a point of reference for other buyers whenever they wish to engage in business with each other.

Additionally, the feedback method helps users save their money from transactions that could have otherwise come out unsuccessful. On the other hand, sellers gain from an increase in trust flow as more buyers strive to conduct business with them due to their positive reviews. Also, the fact that all forms of feedback get a display on the decentralized platform with no chances of alterations makes the platform even more favorable as anyone can access them from anywhere in the world and without time constraints.

Buyers stand higher chances of receiving up to 50% cashback in the form of transaction fee, whenever they leave a review after every sale closure. However, the primary requirement for each analysis is between fifty to three hundred words. In cases where buyers forget to leave a review, they don’t benefit from the 50% cashback benefit as the money gets its way into the Lyves pot, which is then paid out to all token holders and awarded sellers at the end of every month.

To Cryptocurrency owners, the Lyves marketplace acts as transaction ground that allows them to cash out their cryptographic assets to purchase other goods and services. Users exchange multiple cryptocurrencies into LYV tokens and use them for trading while remaining anonymous.

Should I Join Lyves?

Just like any other blockchain enabled platform, Lyves is guaranteed its users of their security. Transactions on the platform are also faster and user-friendly as navigation is straightforward. Also, as a seller you get access to ready buyers and while at it stand a chance to receive various trust awards once you receive tangible positive feedbacks from your clients. In the same way, buyers gain access to the ready marketplace with competitive sellers and get to select the best deals. And with the seller reviews all public, they can be sure to conduct business with trustworthy individuals.

Additionally, the platform accepts the exchange of various cryptocurrencies into LYV tokens, which saves buyers the turmoil of higher exchange market transaction prices. The tokens are ERC20 compliant, which means they are accessible through a majority of ether supportive wallets. Currently there are 300,000,000 tokens up for sale.

Overall the Lyves original website seems well organized with all relevant information in place. Also, with an experienced team of experts on board, there is nothing to hold you back from investing if the idea appeals to you.


The Lyves ICO comes to bring the trust feature in the blockchain transactions.  And by accommodating all forms of cryptocurrencies, the platform is set for great success if what it promises is true.

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