Mafia Wars Game

What Is Mafia Wars Game?

The Mafia Wars is a decentralized blockchain based game themed on the mafia. It is an idle game of accumulation that utilizes the Counterparty platform and the security of the Bitcoin blockchain. The aim of this game is for a player to accumulate MAFIACASH tokens. These tokens are distributed each month to players in proportion to their share of the total Mafia Wars family tokens and the families’ in-game performance.

Mafia Wars Design Contest Blockchain Gaming Token Rewards

The developers of Mafia Wars are hosting a design contest with over 200,000 in MAFIACASH. Each participant who has his or her card design approved will get 5000 in MAFIACASH. Graphic designers, meme creators, and artists are encouraged to come up with custom mafia themed artwork that will be included in the Mafia Wars game. The contest started on June 5 and will end on August 1. There will be huge prizes for the top 3 designers.

The contest is a chance for artists looking for a chance to learn about the digital artwork and the blockchain. Contestants get to learn about the process that goes into the creation of a piece of digital artwork on the Bitcoin blockchain via the Counterparty platform. In the process, they will also have a chance to earn some MAFIACASH.

Mafia Wars Game XCP Token & ICO Details

Proceeds from the sale of the Mafia Wars family tokens, which are COLOMBO, BONANNO, GENOVESE, GAMBINO, and LUCCHESE, will be utilized to fund the development and operation of the Mafia Wars platform. The tokens grant access to in-game features and gameplay.

Purchasers of the Mafia Wars family tokens will find that their Bitcoin address will be usable as players in the game. However, the address must hold an amount of Mafia War tokens at all times. From July 1, Mafia War players will start to get monthly distributions of the MAFIACASH reward token. This will be proportional to the Mafia Wars family tokens they hold.

There are 100 BONANNO, COLOMBO, GAMBINO, GENOVESE, and LUCCHESE tokens, which have eight decimals. For the MAFIACASH tokens, there will be 1,000,000,000 of them with eight decimals. There will never be any more tokens produced after this.

During the airdrop, 10 percent of the family tokens and 1 percent of the MAFIACASH will be made available.

The tokens will be sold on the Counterparty DEX from June 1, 2018, and end on August 1, 2018. The sale will end after 8064 blocks or about two months.

It is important that purchasers familiarize themselves with the Counterparty DEX. All the buy orders need to be placed using the Counterparty protocol software.

At the end of the token sale, any unsold Mafia Wars family tokens which are not sold will be retained by developers of The tokens will be utilized in future promotions, sales, rewards or be burnt. It will be at the discretion of the developers regarding what happens.

  • ICO Date: June 1 –August 1
  • Accepted Crypto: XCP

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