MAHRA Coin is a blockchain digital currency or decentralized cryptocurrency that is based on the PoW and PoS hybrid blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency is built on a blockchain of data generated by mobile devices, which is integrated into a decentralized EHR. The primary objective of the MAHRA coin is to facilitate a single collaborative platform where patients directly reach medical providers, therefore cutting off the middleman.

The use of an app-enabled blockchain portal that runs on smart contracts to provide an efficient system where patients and medical practitioners get to interact and exchange services without involving third-parties, and without worrying about human error, the main cause of miscommunication and disagreements between patients and doctors.

About Mahra Coin

As a decentralized digital token, MAHRA is essentially a digital asset that is generated by patients, medical practitioners, and other parties in the medical field that find the MAHRA blockchain platform useful. MAHRA describes its platform as an app-enabled patient portal where patient data can be customized and managed, and future health policies shaped by the processed data.

MAHRA boasts of an expensive Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, a robust decentralized telemedicine platform on which doctors and patients from anywhere in the world can connect. The platform makes it possible for patients to store their own health and medical data in a safe, secure, and easily accessible manner. The specialists, on the other hand, will benefit in that they will be granted access to useful and accurate patient data for analysis regardless of the EMR used or the payer network.

Founded to offer innovative next-generation solutions based on the latest blockchain technology, the MAHRA platform is more of a tool that will address various healthcare problems rather than just a data storage and sharing network. The platform brings the much-needed transparency, efficiency, and dependability; the team behind it are optimistic that it will evolve rapidly to a full-scale health sector ecosystem.

Features Of The MAHRA Platform

It was just a matter of time before blockchain technology conquers the health industry. MAHRA is at the forefront of enabling the demand for a global standard in healthcare services. This means that they are focused on providing accessible, affordable, and patient-focused medical services. The MAHRA platform is the gateway on which all the stakeholders in the healthcare industry can provide and receive the best possible services.

The platform offers four main tools to make its use seamless: internal exchange services, cryptocurrency trading features, a wallet to store MAHRACOIN and other cryptocurrencies, and a mining feature to enable users generate digital currency on the platform. Whether you have interest in cryptocurrency or the health sector, you should take keen interest in MAHRA blockchain platform because it just may be the future of healthcare.

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