Mainasset is a worldwide game that allows token holders to earn cryptocurrency. In the world of Mainasset, there are unlimited numbers of sectors with each sector of the game having a maximum of 7 participants.

Basically, Mainasset is a Blockchain operation that ensures a global virtual economy. The MAS token will be floated in a pre-ICO in November 2017 and an ICO in January 2018.

Mainasset Cryptoworld Gaming Model

Since the idea behind the model is a gaming network, there will be an infinite number of sectors for users to engage in. The purpose of the game is for the user to achieve complete dominance in a given sector. All the sectors interact to form the Mainassets Blockchain. The users can interact horizontally or vertically.

Once a user achieves dominance in a given sector, they move to an even more complicated level. With such a move, there’s an increase in the possible income that the user can make.

When it comes to identity, each user is identified depending on the level of activity on Cryptoworld. Depending on the scores, one’s size and terms of a loan are determined. One’s profile is formed depending on their credit line.

Mainasset’s Economy

Their project is known as Cryptoworld and below is the core features in this project:

MAS Token

The general unit of account for the project is MAS whereby 10,000,000 MAS token will be issued during the pre-ICO and ICO.

Mainasset Fund

This is the uncontrolled and automated issuer of the MAS tokens

MAS Token Liquidity

Of the capital that comes in during the ICO, 80% and 50% income will go towards ensuring the liquidity of the MAS token. It’s worth noting that every single MAS token that will be in circulation will be backed by Ethereum technology.

Mainasset’s ICO Structure

A total of 10,000,000 MAS tokens will be issued during the ICO in the following way:

  • 5,000,000 MAS tokens during ICO at the rate of 1 MAS=0.005ETH
  • 1,500,000 MAS tokens within pre-ICO at 80% discount 1 MAS = 0.001ETH
  • 500,000 MAS tokens set aside for bounty
  • 3,000,000 MAS tokens reserved for the development team

The ICO seeks to collect a total of 25,000 ETH with 20,000ETH reserved to ensure liquidity of MAS while 5,000ETH is for the development team.

How to Get a MAS Token

For those that are interested in getting hold of MAS token, here are the various ways that this can happen:

  • Participation in the ICO & Pre-ICO
  • Purchasing it on a crypto-exchange
  • Ensure functionality of Cryptoworld especially on the Blockchain node
  • Exchanging your fiat for it on the mobile application
  • By mining

Will the MAS Token be Liquid?

Since every token in circulation is supported by Ethereum Blockchain technology, token holders can easily exchange their tokens on the Mainassets exchanger at any given time.

Initially the exchange rate will be 1000MAS=2 ETH. According to the firm, if the number of tokens issued maintains the rate of $300 , they estimate that the rate to buy-back tokens will be 1,000 MAS for 20 ETH in 2020.

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